Meet Zim’s Top Choreographer: John Cole

Meet Zim’s Top Choreographer: John Cole
John-C-1-924x1024 Meet Zim’s Top Choreographer: John Cole

The man behind the choreography of most videos in Zimbabwe is the awards-winning dancer John Cole, who is gaining popularity because of his innovative dances that have been backing up great Zimbabwean resonances.

My Afrika Magazine reporter Charmaine Brown (CB) had an exclusive interview with John Cole (JC) regarding his success and ratings.

CB: How has been your journey since the day you started being a choreographer to date?

JCThe journey of being a choreographer has not been easy, we have faced a lot of challenges and some of those challenges have been financial. You know when you get paid a good form of money, but you have other responsibilities, and you must invest. For example, when I get for example US$2000, I must invest it back hence the other thousand money goes to the family and the business but we still struggling to cope up, but we are getting there. Presently, I am also working on my current series “Manhounds.”

CB: Who inspires you when it comes to dance moves and why?

JCI have no actual inspiration, but I do have people who have managed to create a fundamental basis and foundation. Usher is one of the leading dancers, musicians and choreographer in the industry who has managed to spend close to four decades in the industry and that inspires me. Henceforth, when I did my J-Cole plugged in, it was an innovation based of Chris Brown, Usher and Michael Jackson which has always been my thing.

CB: How many videos so far have featured your dance creations?

JCI have featured my choreography in a lot of videos including Ngaibake, Mukoko, Ngoro, Jah Prayzah’s concerts, Sebastian Mgacha , Pastor G, presidential office for the First Ladies the former and current of Zimbabwe…I have done so much they are so many including the Zim-Dancehall King Winky D’s videos.

Gotta Feeling is best described as an Afro EDM dance hit.

CB: What can you say about your ratings with that your work is also shown on DSTV channels?

JCAs a choreographer, I feel like my ratings are five stars because I have broken barriers that most people would want to break and my breaking of barriers is based on the fact that I want to be a leading choreographer in my field. In-terms of being a musician, I think I am still getting there and the songs are still growing on people. As a choreographer, you have to break every barrier you can think of, to the point where I was the first choreographer to be featured on Trace Africa.

John-C2-1024x680 Meet Zim’s Top Choreographer: John Cole

CB: Any message to share with upcoming choreographers.

JCIt’s great being a choreographer because I am now on Play Afrika TV, and with having many careers because from choreographer to presenter then I find fun in it in addition also with the fact of being the first choreographer in my country to be verified on Facebook that’s epic and history making. I believe other choreographers will also be verified soon.

Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown is 27 years old, media personnel. She studied Media and Society Studies (2017-2020) at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Charmaine had an internship at The Herald and presently is the Editor for My Afrika Magazine. She currently lives in Harare.

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