Mariam Noor’s ring for leaking heart valves, an answer to heart surgeries

Mariam Noor’s ring for leaking heart valves, an answer to heart surgeries

Mariam Noor, a PHD student from Somalia, has created a medical gadget that can stop leaking heart valves, perhaps avoid heart surgery.

The Somali spent three years creating and developing a ring at Aarhus University in Denmark that could help patients with aortic insufficiency, a condition where the heart valve leak. Mariam’s invention circles the main artery to stop blood from returning to the heart.

“A prosthetic heart valve is an effective form of treatment, but it’s also a relatively complicated surgical procedure that brings with it a number of risks and complications in the long term. Now we have found a solution that can make it easier to treat patiens,” says Mariam Noor, a PhD student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Aarhus University and the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at Aarhus University Hospital. [Reported in AU article by Kim Harel 14 December 2021]

Cardiologists have praised Mariam’s work as groundbreaking and predicting significant changes in the surgical field.

Mariam says the invention has to be tested for some years before it starts being used on patients.

Chiedza Mukucha

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