Madagascar leads the way in punishing ‘terrible men’

Madagascar leads the way in punishing ‘terrible men’

Although some are saying it’s brutal, Madagascar has passed on a law which might just be effective and need to be copied by other countries. All pedophiles are to be castrated for their sexual crimes.

Sex work has been thriving for a long time, with applications you can request a sex worker the same way you request an uber, but someone still sees the need of going after a child to quench their sexual thirst. Many lives have been destroyed by pedophiles, I have watched almost all episodes on YouTube channel coffeehouse crime but there are two I will never forget.

The first one was of a father who kidnapped his own daughter, was in the forefront of looking for her, and even went as far as making posters and asking for help on national television whilst he kept her in a basement. He raped her for more than twenty years resulting in six children with two of them dying. The other case was of a millionaire who stabbed her stepdad to death after finding him with three terabytes of images and videos of her naked.

Every day we hear stories of mostly men abusing young girls for their own pleasure. Not so long ago, a twenty seven year old Zimbabwean man was caught red handed licking a two month old private parts. A Nigerian man was sentenced to life in jail after he was found guilty of sexually abusing all his three daughters. Imagine, a father raping his own children.

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Of course some men are saying what if it’s a woman, what will happen to her? Maybe female genital mutilation (FMG)? All I know is most men with that kind of thinking are the same ones to commit such crimes. Not saying it does not happen but statistics show that women and girls are more vulnerable, no matter which part of the world they are in. Most men are quick to cry and complain that no one ever defends men and boys, not sure who they are expecting to do it for them.

A thread once went viral on X (Twitter), a bolt driver in South Africa actually admitted how he never pick rides if they are requested by men. Some men are not only dangerous to women but to their fellow men. Books like in Black Sisters Street, Nearly all the men in Lagos are mad and the Death of Vivek Oji clearly tell on how some men have dark and twisted minds.

In order minimize rape and other forms of sexual molestation among children, this law should be passed all over the world not only to protect girls but boys as well. Many damaged adults are amongst us because of what was done to them when they were young. Many damaged men who later turned to other sexual orientations because of the abuse they went through as boys.

Chiedza Mukucha

Chiedza Mukucha is a digital media and marketing Intern at My Afrika Magazine with 2 years experience and a mandate to help with changing the narratives of Zimbabweans and Africans at large, in its history and current affairs. Presently, it seems the African story is told and altered by third parties, and it is our injuction as African storytellers to document real-time and factual stories to increase our digital print as a collective. Chiedza is also an avid African literature reader and researcher. X (twitter): @Chiedza_RM

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