Is Lesotho Going To Have Another Coalition Government After The 2022 Elections?

Lesotho’s King and traditional leaders in the mountain kingdom remains as the most trusted more than the politicians, according to the Afro Barometer survey.

The Basotho nation is heading to the polls in what most, political analysists describe as a critical moment for the Basotho people.

As the voters are approaching the elections with grim outlook on economy and democracy. The Basotho elections which are scheduled to be held next year, October are their 8th elections since the country returned to democratic state in 1998.

With more than 53 political parties contesting for parliamentarian seats and leadership of the prime minister, it is considered as a wide increase of the democracy in Lesotho.

In 1998 only 11 political parties contested in the general elections, however every general election turn out is decreasing.

The opinion poll conducted by the Afro Barometer showed that the Democratic Congress Party was leading with at least 42 percent followed by the ruling party ABC with 21 percent hence in third position being the BAP party with 8 percent.

The eighth general elections’ voters will be influenced by anti-corruption and youth empowerment.

Last month Sotho King, Letsie the third recalled parliament to convene for a week to pass two bills into Law before the general elections. His Majesty had to call for the parliamentarians back to parliament so that the state of emergency that was declared by Prime Minister Majoro can come to an end.

Prime Minister Majoro declared the state of emergency after legislators failed to pass the Eleventh Amendment to Constitution Bill 2022 and the National Assembly Electoral Amendment Act.

The two laws are seen as amendments that will end politically volatility in parliament ahead of the general elections.

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