Interim Chad leader predicted to become Africa’s youngest Head of State

Interim Chad leader predicted to become Africa’s youngest Head of State

Last month, Senegal witnessed a historic moment as President Faye, at the age of 44, became the youngest democratically elected leader in African history.

Looking ahead to Chad’s upcoming polls, predictions suggest that interim President Retired Military Commander Mahamat Derby is poised to emerge victorious.

However, concerns linger over the fairness of the elections, scheduled for May 6th with a potential second round on June 22nd. These elections are being conducted under Chad’s laws following a constitutional referendum held on December 17th, 2023, after the passing of President Idriss Derby Senior.

Succession led to Mahamat Derby Junior, a former Military Commander, assuming power during a transitional period, marking Chad’s inclusion among Sahel region states governed by military regimes.

Interim President Mahamat Derby, aged 40 and reportedly married to at least three wives, is not recognized as an elected democratic leader. Despite his pledge not to seek public office during his interim rule, doubts persist regarding the legitimacy of the upcoming transfer of power.

Opposition groups have already voiced concerns, particularly surrounding Mahamat Idriss Deby, who assumed power following the death of his father amid rebel activities. Despite these controversies, his victory in the upcoming elections is widely anticipated.

Chad’s electoral process marks a significant milestone, as it endeavors to transition from years of military rule, becoming the first among several coup-hit states in Central and West Africa to pursue democratic governance through the ballot box.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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