Artist Curtis Dee Rovar unveils the story behind “Got It Like That”

Artist Curtis Dee Rovar unveils the story behind “Got It Like That”

With its infectious beat and confident lyrics, “Got It Like That” is sure to get you dancing.

In a recent interview, My Afrika Magazine reporter, Makhosini Mpofu (MM) had the chance to sit down with talented artist Curtis Dee Rovar (CD) to discuss his latest single. Let us dive into the inspiration, creative process, and personal stories behind this energetic single.

MM: What inspired you to create this particular single?

CD: First time I heard the beat, it gave me that get on and flex vibe. I did not want to sit and wait; I was ready to work when I heard it.

MM: Can you walk us through your creative process for this song?

CD: As I said, the beat gave me the vibe, and I reciprocated the energy. To be honest, I said the first two lines on the chorus trying to connect with the beat, and I made it my mission to snap on it. As for the verse… it is something I had written on my notepad, so I tried putting the verse to hear if it connects, and it did. It did not take us that much time to record, honestly. To me, it was a test, and I think I passed it.

MM: How does this single compare to your previous work? Any significant differences or evolutions in your style?

CD: Most of my songs are like experiments; I do not like doing the same thing twice, so I would not compare it to my previous song. But in terms of improvement… yeah, I come in with a new flow.

MM: Are there any personal experiences or stories behind the lyrics of this song?

CD: Yeah, there are some personal lines on the song; I am sure it ain’t that hard to tell.

MM: What message or emotion do you hope listeners take away from this track?

CD: I believe I express myself through music, so I hope people feel that.

MM: Did you collaborate with anyone on this single? If so, what was that experience like?

CD: So the beat was made by Ryzon and Skye; the track was mixed and mastered by Apex. I love the way we work as a team. We have been working together for a while, and they know what I like, and they bring it to life. The best way to put it was a great experience.

MM: How do you envision your audience connecting with this song?

CD: To me, it sounds like a turn-up, so I picture them vibing when they are listening to it. It is that kind of song that makes you put that stunk face on.

MM: Can you share any challenges you faced while producing or recording this single, and how you overcame them?

CD: I did so many takes to get the tone I wanted on my vocals, and one thing about me is I don’t walk away from the mic easily.

MM: What was the most rewarding aspect of working on this project?

CD: I was practicing when I wrote the verse, not really knowing it was going to be on a song. Most verses I write when practicing do not make it to most songs, but this one did. I love the way the crowd responds when I perform it; that gives me confidence.

MM: What is next for you after releasing this single? Any upcoming projects or performances we can look forward to?

CD: For now, I have got nothing to confirm; I am still working on my sound. When I am ready to drop, I will let you know.

With “Got It Like That” Curtis has delivered a high-energy single that showcases his growth and experimentation as an artist. As he continues to work on his sound, we cannot wait to see what is next for this talented musician. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming performances and releases!

Makhosini Mpofu

Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Analytical Skills. Also the Music & Entertainment Reporter with My Afrika Magazine.

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