Illuminating Change: How solar power is empowering women across communities

Illuminating Change: How solar power is empowering women across communities

Engineer Aluwaine Manyonga, the mastermind behind the Chigubhu Lantern, is earning accolades from international diplomats in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean government for revolutionizing lives across the landlocked Southern African nation.

Manyonga’s Chigubhu Lantern has emerged as a transformative force, particularly in rural and remote areas, where access to electricity is limited. The innovative concept was born out of a desire to illuminate countless households throughout Zimbabwe and enable students to pursue their studies after dark, using affordable solar lighting.

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Crafted from plastic bottles and recycled materials from LED lights, the Chigubhu Lantern harnesses solar power, a sustainable energy source abundant in nature. This initiative is especially crucial amidst the escalating electricity shortages plaguing Southern Africa, adversely impacting schoolchildren and female entrepreneurs alike.

In a nod to Women’s Month, the Chigubhu Lantern partnered with Zambezi Ark Technologies to empower women at the Leratong NPO, imparting skills in lantern crafting. Aluwaine Manyonga believes that this skill transfer will pave the way for a brighter future for these women.

One of the key features of the Chigubhu Lantern is its centralized solar charger, capable of efficiently powering multiple lanterns simultaneously. With each lantern requiring just two hours to charge, this system maximizes the utilization of the region’s typical six hours of sunlight. This approach not only promotes sustainable charging practices but also simplifies management, as students can easily bring their lanterns to school for charging, facilitating easy tracking and maintenance.

Aluwaine Manyonga’s dedication to sustainable innovation was evident when he showcased his products at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) under the UNICEF stand. Through his company, ZAR Tech, Manyonga continues to positively impact lives in rural Zimbabwe, underscoring his commitment to driving positive change through technology and empowerment.

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