‘If re-elected my salary proceeds go to community’

‘If re-elected my salary proceeds go to community’

Zimbabwe’s deputy Minister of Industry and commerce, Rajesh Kumar Modi (64), who is currently the member of National Assembly for Bulawayo South since 2018 and also a member of the ruling party is eyeing to return in the upcoming general elections.

355082924_689622716512748_5466205482254597324_n-683x1024 'If re-elected my salary proceeds go to community'

Hon Raj Modi became the first ZANU PF member to win a parliament seat in Bulawayo after 20 years since the opposition MDC dominated the province as its stronghold.
The Hon Deputy Minister in the previous elections received 40.1% of the votes casted by the voters against the two MDC alliance members, Muvimi Francis who had 28.9% resulting into 4 155 votes and the third candidate from MDC Alliance who had 15.7 votes being 2 249 and other 9 candidates.

In the same year when he was elected as the Member of Parliament, he was appointed by the President of Zimbabwe as the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce. Hon Modi became the second Southern African government Minister with Indian African roots, after South African Minister Pravin Godhan.

Hon Modi, has been working closely with Bulawayo South community by taking part in charity community activities. Part of his charity works include helping people in need to access health assistance and paying school fees for the needy.

When he was appointed as the Deputy Minister, he remained in the city of Bulawayo.

The Hon Minister, stated out that if he is re-elected back in his office as the MP of Bulawayo South Constituency, he is going to provide his monthly salary to community charity works.

353601590_686148170193536_1954483051747215237_n-768x1024 'If re-elected my salary proceeds go to community'

“From the very beginning my goal has always been to represent the people to the best of my ability. I have fought for their rights in parliament and will continue to do so if re-elected my government salary proceeds to charity that’s how committed I am to serving people,” said Hon Modi.

Minister Modi is among some of the aspiring and incumbent members of Parliament who are facing the delamination of constituencies and wards.

The delimitation exercise saw the expansion of Bulawayo South Constituency.

The incumbent member of Bulawayo South, Hon Modi believes the delamination exercise will not affect his popularity and campaign negatively but it’s a positive move as he is keen in developing the whole constituency.

“The delimitation process added new wards and new suburbs to my original constituency. I am excited that Makokoba is now part of the constituency. We need to ensure that people are empowered through creating value chains and promoting their industry.”

Hon Raji Modi will be contesting against sitting member of parliament from Bulawayo East Hon Nicole Watson (CCC) who received 57.8% of votes in the previous elections for 2018 Bulawayo East house of assembly and Admore Gomba (POD).

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