‘Go BACK TO AFRICA’ – Racism or Advocacy

‘Go BACK TO AFRICA’ – Racism or Advocacy

The Lower House of the French Parliament came to a standstill on Thursday, after the remarks that were made by Gregoire de Fournas from National Rally which is led by Far-Right leader Marine Le Pen against Carlos Martens Bilongo.

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Far right National Rally MP shouted: “go back to Africa” as a black Legislator from left wing rose at the lower House chamber to ask questions about immigration. 

Some members of the Lower House described this incident as unprofessional and highlighting racism.

While Gregoire De Fournas defended his remarks claiming that his words were not aimed at Martens Bilongo but rather at migrants currently stranded on an NGO boat in the Mediterranean and that there was nothing with that.

Meanwhile, addressing crowds outside the French Lower House, Bilongo told hundreds of his party Unbowed supports that his calling for severe sanctions against Gregoire de Fournas included racism.

Bilongo also added that he worked for what he is today, and he was born in France.

In the past the National Rally party was associated with the ideology of racism.

However, its leader, Le Pen managed to gain the trust of voters and won at least 85 seats in parliament. 

In the past year’s since the start of the ‘Migration  Channel Crisis’ the French community has been divided  over the issue of protection of security and borders. 

This has led divisions in politics within France and across Europe. In countries such as Denmark, their recent elections were influenced by the migration policies.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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