From Dreamer to Contender: Tiro Kamogelo Mosete’s Journey to Mister Supranational

From Dreamer to Contender: Tiro Kamogelo Mosete’s Journey to Mister Supranational

South African model, Tiro Kamogelo Mosete is amongst South Africa’s gentlemen who are contesting for the title ‘Mister Supranational South Africa’ which is yet to coronate its 2024 King.

When his family gave him a green light to follow and pursue his dreams then they already started to call him ‘Mister Supra Mzansi’. Tiro is one of the favourites to win the title and go further to represent his nation in Poland at Mister Supranational in July this year.

In an exclusive conversation with My Africa Magazine journalist, Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), Tiro (TM) explains why he is determined to win the title.

TR: Why do you believe that you are the next Mister Supranational South Africa Mzansi?

TM: All the contestants I’m competing against this year are confident, good looking gentlemen, and hardworking. However, what truly sets me apart is my recognition that this role is a job. As a titleholder, I see myself as a spokes model, responsible for marketing the pageant and simultaneously using the title to propel myself into my greatness.

I’ve been living in Cape Town for the past 3 years now and in this time I have had a very different and unique experience in my modeling and potential acting career. Cape Town has conditioned me to feel ready to go for everything my time in Johannesburg said I couldn’t become.  I’m hungry for the win, I won’t lie. The Mister Supranational title presents an opportunity for me to be in a way to fast track myself into the spaces I want to occupy and I believe I am a good face for the pageant (literally and metaphorically). And, most importantly as I’ve said I come from what I call an “underdog” city so I have a responsibility to put my city on the map and inspire everyone back home. This competition is not just for me.

TR: Family is an important thing in everyone’s life. What was the response you received from your family when you were announced as part of the finalists?

IMG-20240318-WA0012 From Dreamer to Contender: Tiro Kamogelo Mosete's Journey to Mister Supranational

TM: My family is very supportive. They always encourage all the kids to go for their dreams! They’ve been extremely proud and excited that I’m one of the finalists. They are also my free marketing and brand campaign crew. They already calling me Mr Supra 2024, that’s my new nickname at home currently

TR: What has stood for you during the preliminaries?

TM: The challenges have been very engaging, very interesting and allow us to tap into each of our individual tastes and show our individual creativity. They are really aimed at each contestant showing the world who they are and that for me, gets me excited because I’m a competitive guy and I pride myself in winning but also being the best at what I’m doing and I get to exercise a great deal of autonomy during the preliminaries in bringing out that creative side.

TR: Speaking about preliminaries you were the overall winner of the first challenge. Can you tell us more about the challenge?

TM: The challenge was to record a one minute video where you introduce yourself as part of the competition and tell people why you should be the next Mr Supranational overall winner and the response I got was that my video submission was very authentic and I came across as someone who is able to be vulnerable and connect with people and that is exactly my super power even in my career. I work in construction it’s a very unique industry. I’ve worked on fancy projects where we built R850 million rand office buildings in Sandton and I’ve worked on project where we were upgrading water pipelines in rural areas and in all environments I’ve interacted with people from all walks of life from different socio economic classes and I’ve learnt to see people just as they are and find the common things that bind us as human beings regardless of where we find ourselves in life and where we come from. I just love connecting with people and I think that stood out in my first challenge.

TR: How would you use your platform to promote awareness about the importance of mental well-being, especially the boy child?

TM: I’d use it to let young boys and men know that it’s okay to be a man who shows emotion, it’s okay to cry and not be strong all the time, and seek a support system. I’d use it to inspire them to not be a generation of men that shove their feelings down and put up this strong facade that they are okay because they are scared of being laughed and ridiculed by their peers for showing emotion that is associated with being weak. You can be the best rugby player in high school and still attend therapy regularly. Suicide rates, drug use and addiction, sex addiction etc. among young men have been on the rise because we’re not really taught to speak and be vulnerable.

TR: Currently are you working with any organization in your charity work and can you share with us more information on what type of community work you doing?

Screenshot_2024-03-18-14-22-262 From Dreamer to Contender: Tiro Kamogelo Mosete's Journey to Mister Supranational

TM: I’m currently not working with any charities. Work has been taking up majority of my time but I am part of a biking club that regularly raises funds and we make regular donations to children’s homes and other disadvantaged groups of people in our community.  I also do random acts of kindness whenever I feel my ancestors whispering to me to do so. But I do plan to free up some capacity and find a charity that I can be part of and sufficiently involved in the future

TR: You are not a newbie in the modelling sector/public competition  as you participated at the Cosmopolitans Sexiest Man in 2017.How has your past experience guided your path to the through?

TM: Definitely, I’ve been around the block and my past experiences have just prepared me in the sense that when you are part of such competitions you just have to be yourself and try not to imitate anyone else, we all have something in each and everyone one of us the world needs so it’s imperative to bring my authentic self. In the same breathe I’ve learnt to fuse authenticity with a dash of alter ego as the world is one big stage and life is a play. Sometimes to win you have to act a little, bring some drama but never forget who you are. It’s like giving a really good speech in essence. If you can evoke people’s emotions you will be remembered.

TR: Do you own a pet if so can you tell us more about your pet?

TM: I have a controversial pet. A Pitbull called John Rambo. He’s really a sweetheart though, well socialized, loves to interact with people and children and he’s very high energy. He got the name as he was very underweight as a puppy and the family I bought him from didn’t want to sell him to me initially as they didn’t want me to take a dog that they believed had a few days left but I had a connection with him from the time I saw him and 3 years later he’s a healthy boy who keeps me busy. We do hikes together, go jogging, go on drives, go to markets, go to the beach but he’s terrified of the water. I love him!

TR: Tiro how do you balance your work and modelling?

TM: I take it one day at a time and case by case. Sometimes I have castings I must attend and I go during my lunch breaks, send a self-tape or arrange to do my castings when I’m free and if I get booked for a modeling job then I’ll be on set shooting. Some jobs are over the weekend so it works out that way. But there’s really no formula, it’s a delicate juggling act.

TR: What message do you have to the boy child especially the one who resides at Ekasi/ghetto?

TM: We are not a product of our environments. We all have a gift, a seed, a talent, a ticket that has been assigned to us and our life’s purpose is to discover what it is that makes you tick and you are good at. Find the things that interest you and most importantly what you can offer to the world. Your purpose lies therein and like Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s gift will make room for him, And bring him before great men.” and finally coming from a township or “kasi” gives you an edge in life, use it to your advantage.

TR: Lastly how do people in Mzansi and abroad, support you as you are on your way to the title!

TM: They can vote for me by going to the Mister Supranational Instagram page and following the voting link. Thank you in advance for everyone who will support me with their votes. Truly appreciate it!

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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