Play Africa TV (PATV), which is a TV Channel in development currently running as a VOD platform purposed for Web, TV/Smart Phone Apps and focuses on a full spectrum of African Inspired content from across the globe. The portal is owned by 263Africa Media.

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With PA-TV, we are developing the AFRICAN inspired content hub where emerging creatives get the chance to showcase their skills, network, inspire and have a shot at developing a well-managed monetizing and distribution strategy with our help. The main aim is to look beyond and even dwell underground, identify the disadvantaged and emerge stronger together.

We are opening it to both Video and Audio content creators to take advantage of this platform, it’s theirs after all.

We believe the Underground content creators deserve a chance! 

Our big move as PATV is to create the Play Africa TV Originals (TV Shows, Series, Films etc.), that will set to ‘announce’ a creative industry anchored at the urgent need to tell our own African stories, TOGETHER.263 Africa Media PR.

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Currently, the platform already carries a variety of shows/movies and podcast. Mask Off is one of those TV shows with an interesting drama/thriller theme to it that can certainly want you to watch what happens next and is available for free. Available on Pay-Per-View (PPV) are also a number of Movies from across Africa, with Ghana already dominating the content spill.

We are also going to open up the platform to other new forms of content access like LIVE-Shows with both paid and free access options. Given the move to more Virtual access in 2020 due to COVID-19, we have to also move with the times and be as creative.

PATV has already launched its first stage/phase of the platforms, the online web portal , that will be linked to the TV/Mobile App which is currently in development. We believe once these platforms are up and all tested, the monetization phase will be revised to more options with the only available Pay Per View in current test phase for selected Movies and TV Shows. Subscription to the portal is absolutely FREE.

How To Sign UpSimple Easy Steps

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  1. Visit ,
  2. Click on GET ACCESS,
  3. CREATE ACCOUNT and enter your preferred details + Password (easy to remember),
  4. You will get a confirmation email of your new account,
  5. You are in…Enjoy The African Stories!!

Play Africa TV Social Media Platform


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