Flashback experience with South African model Kwanele Khumalo

Flashback experience with South African model Kwanele Khumalo

Having taken part in one of the biggest fashion shows, the Durban Fashion Fair, South African model Kwanele Khumalo (KK) provided a flashback experience to My Afrika Magazine reporter, Tapiwa Rubaya (TR) as he highlighted part of his memorable experience.

In the exclusive chat, Khumalo dives into the modelling journey and speaks out about his latest feature in a commercial advert.

TR: Briefly can you tell us about yourself?

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KK: Kwanele Khumalo is my name, and I was born and raised in a township called Sobantu, in Pietermaritzburg (KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa). I started my modelling career when I was scouted on my way to university, this was when I was completing my Psychology Degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal – Howard College Campus, back in 2012.

I was scouted and trained by Mr. Derrick Mhlongo of Lindoni Models. I am currently signed with Boss Models in Durban but based in Cape Town, where I am working as a model, and signed with Topco Models.

TR: Why did you select modelling as part of your life?

KK: I always say modelling chose me but to answer your question, I knew nothing about modelling until I was scouted, trained, and started working as a model. Something about it made my heart and soul happy whenever I was doing modelling-related work/jobs and I decided to give it a try and ended up falling in love with it. I think what I love the most about it, is how it taught me self-love, and discipline, and enhanced my self-confidence and self-esteem.

TR: They say in runway and pageantry modelling, height matters. Can it be said your height is part of your advantage in the industry?

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KK: I can’t comment much on pageantry, however, in modelling, I can say that it is one of the main requirements. In terms of my height being an advantage for me in the industry, I would disagree with that. I have learnt that clients in different jobs require a certain look (skin tone, style, and body size/weight). Hence, I would say my look also puts me at an advantage within the industry.

TR: You recently catwalk at the Durban Fashion Fair (DFF), kindly share the experience that you had this year.

KK: Yes, this year, I walked for DUKE – Clothe Your Soul by Sandile Duke Mngadi. The ramp is my first love, hence my name “Runway Lad,” and it is just always amazing and exciting being on the ramp. Also, working with Duke always makes it extra amazing or rather special, as this is the brand I have worked with for years, and it is owned by a person who has always supported and believed in me as a model.

This year I only had one job, to open Mngadi’s show (DUKE). I loved the garment and the styling. It felt like it was tailor-made for me, as it also incorporated some of my personal style and colours, and the fit of the garment was just PERFECT!

TR: Describe your relationship with San file Duke Mngadi.

KK: Working with Uncle Duke (this is what I call him by the way), is always a different experience, an experience to be remembered and cherished. I just love how he respects, supports, values, and appreciates the models he works with. Also, I love and respect his workmanship, and the dedication he puts to his work.

TR: You are currently trending, because of the commercial advert of Sporting Bet. What does it mean to see yourself every day appearing on the television screens?

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KK:  It’s so funny that I first saw the commercial at the after-party of one of the DFF shows, and that has been the only time. It was just a humbling and emotional experience to see it for the first time on TV while in the presence of the people who have been with me or rather supporting my modelling career throughout. However, if I were to see it again, I still wouldn’t believe it is me, because it just feels so unreal.

TR: In the industry what has been your greatest moment?

KK: This is quite a tough one. However, I think every job I do has something great about it. So, I would say, that seeing the final product (pictures and videos) of every job I was involved in is and/or is my greatest moment/s.

TR: What’s next for you in terms of the future?

KK: Outdo me and accomplish more great things!

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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