Facebook Live Tragedy: Zimbabwean Man Takes His Life Over Relationship Woes

Facebook Live Tragedy: Zimbabwean Man Takes His Life Over Relationship Woes

A Zimbabwean young man based in South Africa committed suicide last weekend live on Facebook after his girlfriend allegedly cheated on him.

The now deceased was identified as Kelvin Mhofu Ngoshi, who was based in Middleburg, South Africa, said nothing in the Facebook Live video that was shared by Crime Watch Zimbabwe,  as he gulped down the poison while sat in his car, but friends said he had been upset over his girlfriend’s infidelity.

Ngoshi made several social media posts in recent weeks pointing to his inner turmoil after his relationship with a woman identified as Kudzi hit the rocks.

“We too grown to be teaching people what loyalty is,” he wrote on March 5.

On the same day, he also posted on Facebook: “Cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on.”

Posting pictures of himself playing football on March 16, Ngoshi said: “What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow.” But it appeared his emotions finally got the better of him after he decided to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, some reports suggest that Kelvin was involved in some illegal coal deals in Mpumalanga, South Africa. On top of cheating on Kelvin, Kudzi also reportedly informed authorities about Kelvin’s (illegal) coal business, which put him in a difficult situation. This eventually led him to commit suicide,” further reads the post.

Ngoshi, who leaves behind a minor daughter and a sister battling cancer, was the sole breadwinner as both his parents are deceased.

Recently, it has been noted that media reports highlighting suicides among Zimbabweans born in the diaspora are deeply concerning. One of the key factors contributing to this problem is the struggle to establish a solid cultural identity and sense of belonging. Growing up in a foreign country often means being distanced from Zimbabwean traditions, values, and customs.

Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown is 27 years old, media personnel. She studied Media and Society Studies (2017-2020) at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Charmaine had an internship at The Herald and presently is the Editor for My Afrika Magazine. She currently lives in Harare.

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