Exclusive moments with Winky D’s ghettocraft choreographer

Exclusive moments with Winky D’s ghettocraft choreographer

It’s now over a week since the world was ushered into a new year. However, the last entertainment showbiz act of 2023 by, the multi-award international artist, Gaffa Warrior aka Winky D (Wallace Chirumiko) is still the talk of the town as many were left in awe, not only by the songs, but the lyrical play, stage setup and the record crowd in attendance.

The night’s choreography is among the other things that caught the attention of many.
Some of Winky D’s fans were curious to know, who was behind his ‘alien themed’ choreography. The multi-award international brand name John Cole was the man assigned to be behind the choreography of the day.

John didn’t disappoint, his work became a cherry on top of the cake. In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine, John Cole described the performance of the dances as extra-ordinary and out of this world.

“Well! The moment the alien dancers got on stage there was a lot of motion of what in the area 51 is going on (giggles)then it made sense however as an artist it was thrilling to watch one of our own cook and serve quality,” said John Cole.

This was not the first time for John Cole to work hand in hand with the International dancehall musician, Winky D, as their journey began ages ago, hence John Cole felt blessed to be part of the twenty-year anniversary celebrations of Winky D brand.

“Our artistic paths have always been intertwined since Club Synergy days (good old days) I was starting off as a dancer and he was an MC with or for D.J. Flevah don’t quite remember but yeah.

“Our professionals motions crossed when he needed a choreographer for his video titled Jecha shout out to Chris Shoca for that plug in so from there it was the start of what we call the Cole-nation or Area 51 relationship stands till today as witnessed by the 20 year Anniversary.,” informed John.

IMG-20240105-WA0017-768x1024 Exclusive moments with Winky D's ghettocraft choreographer

When asked how he manages to describe his relationship with one of greatest artists of the time (Winky D), John described the international dancehall artist as a humble person who is professional to work with.

“He is a chill dude we had a conversation and we got into the work and it’s a part of his musical and my face journey.

“To be fair we cool like that not much to actually say in terms of real engagement on a social level per say maybe a text here and there and we meet on the road driving and throw Gaffa or Cole-nation signs

“On the professional side it’s work, work , work, work and we do it amazingly as you have seen in the work we have done together,” added John.

Last year in 2023, John Cole made headlines not only in his home country Zimbabwe but also across the world. He has promised more tours and interaction with his fans and will update part of his schedule. John Cole has worked with a number of artists aside from Winky D these include, Ammara Brown, Sebastian Magacha, Tytan, Freshly Ground, Brick and Lace, Joe Thomas among others.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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