EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

Samuel is a young pastor, entrepreneur, leader, and debutant author. In his new book “Juggling Life” Samuel draws on his own life journey to craft a text filled with lessons that he believes we could all benefit from learning. We caught up with the busy young man to get a little more insight on Samuel’s new book, the upcoming launch, and other powerful stories the author had to share. KM – Kudzai Mhangwa, SC – Samuel Chawara

KM: Congratulations on your upcoming book. Take us through the journey to launching your debut book “Juggling Life”.

SC: Thank you so much Kudzai. It’s one of things when you’re not exactly sure how you feel. (Laughs) One minute you are feeling excited, the next you are nervous about what you’re about to give out to the world. So, yes, I’m excited and I’m in a lot of anticipation to receive feedback from each and everyone of the readers on how “Juggling Life” will impact their lives.

Picture1 EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

KM: When did you start writing and why did you decide to become an author?

SC: Well in response to this question I think the decision on when to become an author is one that would be difficult to trace. (Laughs) As a leader I would say it has always been my desire to see people thrive and to see people get better. So, I am always one person who is keen to share the little I know or what so ever I know with others to their betterment and their upliftment. So, you’d find that even in 2017 when I was leading this church, I actually wrote this other material which was strictly for the church. Of course, others could access it and the likes but my inspiration behind writing that material was only for the church. It has always been something that has been in me that’s for sure but coming to “Juggling Life” this is my debut book where it’s being done officially where its my writing being recognized as authored by Samuel.

But otherwise, this has been something in me a part of me, I have always had an interest in books. I have always had an interest in writing when I was still in school, I used to write short stories and in all the schools I’ve gone through my teachers have always concurred on this one thing that I was their best student when it comes to English. So basically, it has always been that thing that I write short stories and the likes besides I always used to write very long letters to girls (Laughs) during our school days. Anyways that’s it about writing.

KM: From your biography I can tell you are truly determined and has a drive towards success. Does this feed into your book?

SC: Thank you so much for the excellent observation. Indeed, I am very ambitious if I may say but more than that my desire is to see people thrive. I really desire, genuinely, to see people get better. I want to see people achieve their dreams so if I can help them avoid certain mistakes, if I can help them achieve certain things quicker, if I can help them reach their goals more conveniently then, I am happy. So, you’ll find as you go through “Juggling Life” those are some of the things you’ll see as major themes of the book. I try to be didactic in a way. I try to use my experience because its not everybody who is privileged by God to start leading a church at a tender age of sixteen. So, in “Juggling Life” you’ll realize I’m not only telling my story but I also get to talk about the lessons that can be learnt from all the experiences that I’ve been through. Counselling couples, leading a church, going to school whilst I’m leading a church and running a business at the same time. It’s one of those things where its everybody who does that on a day-to-day basis. So, I try by all means to draw out as many lessons as possible from that experience then share them with my audience and each and every person who is going to read this book.

KM: What does “Juggling Life” discuss? What can we expect when we read it?

355331499_286152380470814_7942213936558258716_n-1024x819 EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

SC: As I have said, “Juggling Life” is not only the story or the journey of a young entrepreneur, counselor, and church leader but it also talks about a number of things patterning to life. I would like to consider this as a guide to mastering the art of juggling taking it from somebody who has actually been through the juggling process as I’ve mentioned doing a number of things concurrently, that’s all about the art of juggling. Juggling life is all about having a number of things that you’re doing and you don’t have to drop any of them. Actually, I put it this way; when the demands of life get many we don’t quit, we get juggling. So, you should be looking forward to a transformational read one that will help you master the art of juggling. One that will help you find balance in your juggle, one that will help you pick up the balls that you’ve dropped. I know people are already juggling some without even knowing it and some have dropped the balls but with “Juggling Life” now it not only inspirational its transformational and one of the things I like about it is that I’ve made it so relatable that anybody can read and take one or two things home.

KM: You know we live in such a trying and difficult time especially the youth all over the globe. Does the book offer up any of your own personal observations on this and how we can find a way forward?

SC: Thank you for this question, Kudzai. Indeed, we are living in a fast passed world with so many demands. A number of things are happening and I have a passion for the youth that many are losing their way and they cannot be blamed because in all sincerity its difficult out there, its real out there. So, one thing I’d definitely say is for the youth and speaks directly to them is I open up about my addiction in the book and my struggle with depression. I struggled with depression, I struggled with addiction but I don’t want it to end there. They have to also know that it is possible to become something at a very young age. You don’t have to grow to sixty, to seventy for you to live a meaningful and purposeful life so through my entrepreneurial activities and experiences I want them to also learn that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving great things. Age is no barrier to purpose. You can be a person of purpose even at a very tender age. So, I want them inspired from this book. I want them to take lessons. I want them to become the best at the art of juggling, the master jugglers themselves.

KM: Who is the book mainly target towards?

SC: The book is targeted towards every single person who is juggling so many roles and responsibilities concurrently without throwing in the towel. Every person who has got a resilient spirit in them. Every person who’s determined to achieve great things because in this fast-paced world you cannot be doing one thing at a time the demands of life force you to do many things at once so that you remain relevant so that you find balance. Those who are juggling between their passions and their responsibilities, those who are juggling their careers and their other commitments and relationships, this book is for you.

361557430_300736092345776_1139658173998627243_n-1024x755 EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

KM: Why do you feel now was the best time to put out your book?

SC: Now is the best time to release “Juggling Life” because it addresses the increasing demands of modern life. Society’s focus on self-improvement and well-being aligns with the book’s practical guidance. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of work-life balance and adaptability, which my book provides strategies for. It incorporates research, offering practical insights. “Juggling Life” empowers readers to find balance and fulfillment amidst their multiple responsibilities.

KM: So “Juggling Life” comes out on the 12th of this month. What can we expect on the day?

SC: I am excited and as I have said, it offers a comprehensive framework for managing multiple responsibilities. You’ll find practical strategies to strike a balance between work, family, relationships and personal growth. It provides actionable advice, real-life examples and exercises to apply the principle in your life. Prepare to be inspired and equipped to navigate the complexities of modern life with greater harmony and fulfillment. Its not only the story of an exceptional young man who walked the intricate realm of entrepreneurship while juggling the demanding office of the pastor, being a high school kid at the same time but it’s also relatable and transformative.

KM: When all is said and done, especially for us creatives, once you’ve done a piece of work people immediately ask you ‘what’s next?’. I’m going to be one of those people today. (Laughs) What can we expect from you in the future as an author?

SC: (Laughs) That’s a good one right there and thanks for asking. In terms of plans for the future, my deepest desire is to see people thrive and excel hence after the launch I intend on having seminars and empowerment summits all over the world, especially for the youth and everyone who desires to be and do better. I am also working on my next book titled “The Art of Juggling”.

KM: You also seem to be someone who really keeps busy. What do you do to relax? Who is Samuel outside of being the author and ambitious young leader?

SC: Thank you Kudzai, relaxing for me has a lot to do with personal development and self-improvement. If I’m not attending to business, I’ll be reading books, listening to some audio materials be it audiobooks, sermons of different pastors or life coaches on different subjects, psychology, money, entrepreneurship, spirituality and the likes. For me relaxing has a lot to do with becoming a better person. When I’m not doing work [my job] I’m doing work on myself. My day usually starts at 4:30 AM in the gym doing some work out, I’m there for an hour and a half, I’m there every day. Then I do other activities that the day hold depending on what day it is. So basically, that is how I relax and in terms of going out, I’m more of an indoors person. I enjoy it inside; I enjoy it when I’m not crowded. I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert. I enjoy good company I’m selective of the company I keep but I do enjoy good company. However, when it comes to relaxing, I relax better with myself or maybe with a select few of people just talking about life, growing and getting better. I’m also a fan of chess and golf both of which I’m still learning. 

KM: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us Samuel. Any final words for our readers around the world?

2 EXCLUSIVE: Juggling Life with Samuel, a personal journey amplified

SC: To our readers I’d just like to say when the demands of life get many we don’t quit, we get juggling. But even in the process of juggling I want you to remember that even the greatest of jugglers drop a ball or two bit it is what they do next which defines their greatness. So, it does not matter how many times you drop the balls in the art of juggling learn to pick them up and keep juggling life. Happy ‘juggling life’ family.

“Juggling Life” by Samuel I Chawara will be launched in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 12th of August at the Cresta Oasis Hotel.

Kudzai Mhangwa

Kudzai Mhangwa is a writer, actor and musician. He writes poetry, plays, essays and short stories. His work has been featured on House of Mutapa, Atrebla Magazine, Ka'edi Africa, Poetry Soup and elsewhere.

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