Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday

Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday

Christians countrywide celebrated Palm Sunday celebrating  the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, an event that took place the week before the Lord’s death and resurrection.

 Palm Sunday is a moveable feast, meaning the date changes every year based on the liturgical calendar. Palm Sunday always falls one week before Easter Sunday.

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Palm Sunday is a Christian celebration that marks the beginning of the Holy Week leading to Easter Sunday. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, when people laid down palms and branches in front of him as a sign of honor. In modern times, churches hold Palm Sunday services in which worshippers are given a palm branch or cross made from palm leaves.

The celebration involves singing hymns, reading Scripture, and sometimes even a procession with the palms. Palm Sunday is a reminder of the selfless love Jesus showed by laying down his life for us, and it is a time to reflect on our own lives and how we can show that same love to those around us.

Palm Sunday is considered the beginning of the Passion, the last days of Jesus’ life before the Last Supper (Holy Thursday), his death (Good Friday), and his resurrection (Easter Sunday).

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