Celebrating a Legend: Bothwell to receive long-overdue recognition

Celebrating a Legend: Bothwell to receive long-overdue recognition

Zimbabwe to Honor Legendary Music Producer Bothwell Nyamhondera with Special Ceremony

As human beings, we often fail to realize the importance and value of people until we lose them. This has always been the tragedy of mankind: to suddenly revere and bestow heroism on those who have passed. Fortunately, this realization has come early regarding the local music fraternity’s neglect in officially acknowledging the legendary producer Bothwell Nyamhondera.

Nyamhondera is a man who has made immense and immeasurable contributions to the music industry. He can be likened to Quincy Jones, who, like Nyamhondera, produced countless hits that have stood the test of time. In recognition of his illustrious career, a ceremony to honor Nyamhondera is in the pipeline, orchestrated by Herman Chimusoro.

“I learned recording under his wing and have watched the people he produced go on to become household names, yet he has not received a fraction of the recognition that these artists have been given. Bothwell is like a pot which makes a delicious dish that it never gets to taste,” Chimusoro said, explaining the inspiration behind the event.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 24th of August at ZimParks Gardens. On that night, some of the household names that Nyamhondera has produced are expected to perform. A film about his life and work will also be premiered. Chimusoro, the brains behind the film, lamented the considerable hurdles he faced while putting it together.

“It has been in the making for twenty years, mainly because locking down artists for interviews was a challenge due to their busy schedules. Another factor is that the project is self-funded, so I found myself working intermittently,” he explained.

With over forty years of experience in musical excellence, Nyamhondera is deserving of the utmost respect. In England, men of such achievements would probably have been knighted, but here, we hesitate or forget to give credit where it is due. To highlight what an illustrious career he has had, the big names that have passed through Nyamhondera’s hands speak for themselves. To date, most, if not all, of our yesteryear hits have our living legend’s Midas touch. We honor and appreciate him.

Tamika Manyoni

Tamika is a opinion columnist with My Afrika Magazine, focusing on entertainment news. She is also an Educator, Poet, Public Speaking Coach, Arts Critic, Creative Content Consultant, Writer, and Plus Size Model.

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