Captivating Mutare: Shanaz Mbodza’s musical journey from determination to stardom

Captivating Mutare: Shanaz Mbodza’s musical journey from determination to stardom

In the vibrant city of Mutare, an upcoming female musician Shanaz Mbodza is capturing the hearts of music lovers with her soulful melodies and powerful lyrics. Her journey from humble beginnings to date, has been marked by determination, passion, and a unique talent that sets her apart from the rest.

In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine’s reporter Charmaine Brown (CB), Shanaz (SM) shares more about her journey as an upcoming musician.

CB: Can you tell us about your background in music and what inspired you to pursue a career as a musician?

SM:  For me it is all I ever wanted to do. I started singing at church at the age of eight. My love for music and desire is to express creativity.

CB: Can you tell us how you prioritize your music over other commitments?

SM: I prioritize music, set goals for it, and maximize my free time to dedicate to it.

CB: After realising your passion for singing, when did you start recording music and with which producers?

SM: l started recording at Harare School of Music in 2016. I has also recorded tracks with renowned Mutare producers Jae Drilla, Terry Obama to name a few. My style ranges from soulful ballads to upbeat Afro pop but not limited to a specific genre. It is a wholesome approach to all music in general.

CB: When it comes to your music, what can you say is your major theme?

SM: Aspiration is my theme. It represents the desire for personal growth, achievement, and fulfilment.

CB: Who are some of your biggest influences in the music industry?

SM: Nkosazana Daughter, Aymos and The Weeknd amongst others.  

CB: Are there any specific milestones you are aiming to achieve?

SM: I can only hope that my music will be there for those who need to hear it. I hope my music helps my listeners feel seen and heard.

CB: What is your recent project? Is there anything you are currently working on?

SM: Currently, I am working on multiple singles set to warm up the winter featuring various collaborative efforts. Recent projects include a song called “Pamoyo” that was released last month written by myself and produced by Terry Obama.

CB: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting their career in the music industry?

SM: I do not know much about how to start a career, but what I do know is that you should never stop believing in yourself. Many popular singers and musicians face a lot of criticism and hate, but it was because they believed in themselves that they succeeded. You will definitely achieve what you deserve through hard work and perseverance.

Shanaz success story demonstrates that combining seemingly unrelated passions can lead to a thriving enterprise. Besides being a musician, she also owns a Beauty Bar.

Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown is 27 years old, media personnel. She studied Media and Society Studies (2017-2020) at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Charmaine had an internship at The Herald and presently is the Editor for My Afrika Magazine. She currently lives in Harare.

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