One of Bulawayo’s old retail, Edgar’s Tredgold has joined a number of banks, registered retailed shops and supermarkets  that have  moved away from the Central Business District, due to the pull factor that has been contributed by their illegal neighbours.  

The illegal neighbours are prominently known as entrepreneurs. 

They have occupied pavements outside, Business District making it difficult for legal companies such as Edgars to conduct their day to day business. 

Comparing to registered food  and clothing retails, illegal vendors prices are low. 

“We have officially closed the branch we won’t be using that place any more because there is now an influx of illegal forex traders and vendors outside the store and it was no longer aligning with the expectations out brand,” said representative of Edgars. (Biznews) 

Edgars is an multi-award winning brand that sells products from clothing,footwear,textiles  and accessories.  

Mean while Bulawayo City Councillors have held an Indaba,whose objectives were to find ways of restoring the country’s second-biggest urban area;to its former glory.

The City fathers whose chamber is dominated by MDC T and CCC councillors. 

Agreed that the city needs to return to its glory, with one councillor compared the city to Mbare. 

“Am asking myself where we are going as the city of nation when we are not able to enforce the by laws as some are saying there is nothing like that. Lets come together so that we do not become a lawless city,” said Councillor Maphosa. 

“The garbage we used to see in Mbare is what we are seeing in the Byo CBD,” said another councillor.  (Source BIZ news) 

Councillor Mpumelelo, stated out that the removal of illegal vendors should be done that all streets need cleaning and no favour should be done. 

In an interview with Bulawayo residents, an unidentified man said, Bulawayo is turning into a rubbish pit especially between 5th and 6th avenue. 

While another lady who identifies herself as a young entrepreneur who was selling food along 6th Avenue. 

Stated out that, she is a graduate however she is failing to get any proper employment and she sees this not as competition  with registered companies but its an establishment  of her business. 

5th and 6th avenue (6th Avenue is identified as Mnangagwa Avenue) has been identified as one of the dirtiest avenues in Bulawayo.

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