Botswana’s musician hits on a new track

Botswana’s musician hits on a new track

Bonalenna Moetsabatho popularly known as BONZ is a multitalented artist, former Mister Botswana, film maker and a musician. 

He won the hearts of many in 2019 as he became Mister Botswana, will he win the heart of his lover for a date. Bonz is aiming to debut his new track titled, ‘Company’. 

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The song is set to be released on the 21st of February. The 23-year-old scripted the lyrics inspired By Feelings of Love, Intimacy and Comfort. He also mentioned that this special Afro-Swing Piece, Themed for Valentines. “Babe Girl, in need your company” – The song’s narrative persona’s as a gentleman praising his lover, using romantic words to persuade her on a special date with him.

The track is a continental collaboration between creatives from North and South of Africa, which is produced by Amix and Annah from Nigeria, FlexTheNinja from Malawi played the role of Engineering and Bonz was the lyrics writer as well as performing artist. 

Bonz spent most of his life in the capital of Botswana, where his passion for music developed. He is proud of his culture and country, no wonder why he mentions his country code in his upcoming track, ‘Company.’

Bonalenna use of ‘Motswako’ placed him in the map as this was evident by the rapid growth in terms of followers of his music. This has attracted artists from across America and Asia to reach to him for collabos.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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