Bombera turns into an international anthem

Bombera turns into an international anthem

When Kazz released the track Bombera few weeks ago it wasn’t in his mind that the song will be an international anthem. However, it has become one of the fastest trending songs across Zimbabwe and internationally.

242304328_2178773565597640_4310138903703932893_n Bombera turns into an international anthem

Kazz Khalif is well known for creating music that preaches about love and especially appreciating one’s love. Bombera was produced by Sammy Jay one of the greatest international music producers.

The title of the song Bombera is a word used for public transport in the Southern region of Africa particularly Zimbabwe. In the song Kazz Khalif talks about the journey we take to succeed is a difficult one but it’s worth taking.

The seven-minute track begins with Amapiano sounds which go along with the title of the song Bombera or a train.

Kazz mixes the song with a variety of Zimbabwe’s main languages Shona, Ndebele and English which are part of the languages used by some Africans in Africa and international.

The main purpose is for everyone who hears the track, to understand the meaning of the song.

Tanaka and Sekelton Kings feature in the song, they also bring an energetic youthful voice in the track,

It was this year’s February when Kazz Khalif last released his project track No Pressure which featured Bailey Browne.

While some of his songs: Danger, Problem, Wake up, Jolling etc. topped Zim top music chart shows.

Kazz Khalif birth name Farhaan Khan was born in Malawi and raised in Zimbabwe.
He is the founder of Boomslang production a multi-faceted media house.

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