From jail to being a public figure of a country doesn’t usually happen, but this was witnessed in biblical times, in the story of Joseph from Egypt.

When he became the Prime Minister of Egypt after he was appointed by the Pharaoh of that nation. 

In DRC they are witnessing the same incident.

President Tshisekedi has appointed Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo as the new Minister of Defence.

Screenshot-2023-03-28-at-10.15.07-AM-1024x712 BEMBA, AN EX-CON NOW MINISTER OF DEFENCE

Former Vice President, Jean P Bemba is making a come back in politics after his imprisonment for more than 10 years by the ICC.

Whose sentence was then reduced.

Former Vice President, Bemba who joins the new cabinet which has at least 57 members, was accused of war crimes.

According to DRC government the appointment of Bemba was ‘necessary and urgent’. (AJE news)

While the director of The Congo research group,Jason Stearns described the addition of cabinet members as a political shuffle. (Source France 24)

The appointment of Bemba comes at a time when DRC is in conflict with M23 rebels and Rwanda.

Another former imprisoned politician who joined the new DRC cabinet is Tshisekedi’s former Chief Staff, Vital Kanierhe who was jailed for emblezzing.

He now holds the position of the new Minister of economy .

Stearns claimed that the appointment of the two was a way to strengthen, Tshisekedi’s coalition for the coming elections.

Screenshot-2023-03-28-at-10.14.23-AM-1024x544 BEMBA, AN EX-CON NOW MINISTER OF DEFENCE

“Key positions are given to senior politicians who have larger constituencies to please but little expertise in their new ministries,” said Stearns (source France 24).

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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