BAJILA: ‘I will deliver and be their mouthpiece…’

BAJILA: ‘I will deliver and be their mouthpiece…’

Aspiring Citizen Coalition for Change candidate, Descent Collins Bajila’s biography roots are traced to the EMakandeni -Luveve Constituency believes he is the rightful candidate to be elected by the residents of the EMakhandeni -Luveve area for the position as their Member of parliament.

My Afrika Magazine had an exclusive interview with, Descent Collins Bajila who informed them that he has been part of the constituency for more than three decades and he has knowledge about the constituency that is required for a proper member of parliament to have.

He further described Luveve as not only a constituency but a home not only to him but other residents who dwell in the area, hence he considers everyone in Luveve and Emakhandeni as his family member.

Bajila further said, his nomination to represent his party Triple C in his constituency was a decision that was made by the residents of Luveve and Makhandeni. Hence he promises to deliver what he has promised them.

Mr Bajila told My Afrika Mag that if he is elected to parliament he is going to be the mouthpiece of the residents of the EMakhandeni-Luveve constituency.

“If I am elected to parliament what I promise the citizens in Luveve-EMakhandeni is representative leadership. I will be their representative, I will come to them to consult I will go back to parliament and speak what they would have told me to say and to deliver feedback.

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“I am going to move motions for laws against the oppression of people, we need to put more power in the hands of people, local authorities, and in the streets of people. We want the power to come down in the streets of the people,” he said.

When asked to share his thoughts about corruption allegations that are made against those who are in public offices, Bajila noted that corruption is one of the challenges that is faced by the country he classified it as a cancer.

He further said he condemns corruption especially when it is practiced by politicians.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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