‘ASPIRATION5’, Zimbabwe International Film Festival count down.

‘ASPIRATION5’, Zimbabwe International Film Festival count down.

The theme for ZIFF23 is ‘ASPIRATION5’, derived from the African Union’s AGENDA 2063; a strategic framework for the transformation of Africa into a prosperous, peaceful, and integrated continent by 2063.

AGENDA 2063 consists of 7 Aspirations of which ASPIRATION 5 envisions an Africa with a strong cultural identity, a common heritage, shared values and ethics.

It promotes identity, heritage, respect for religious diversity and the consciousness of African people and her diaspora.

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• Reviving and promoting African languages,

• Promoting African cultural heritage,

• Promoting African values and ethics,

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• Integrating culture into development, and

• Empowering women and youth

Film is an effective vehicle to interrogate the current state and create a visual picture of what the future might be; and African storytellers are seeking spaces where they can share such stories on global platforms.

ZIFF23 will be such a space, as it will unpack ASPIRATION 5 and bring important conversations to light and encourage stakeholders in the African Dream to prepare the way for the generations to come.

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