“An Uplifting Journey Through Vinnie King’s City on a Hill EP”.

Vinnie King’s newest EP, City on a Hill, is a mesmerizing collection of five tracks that blend together to create a soundscape of Afropop, hip hop, soul, and rnb. The EP has been described as a “sonic journey,” and its diverse set of instrumentals and textures are a testament to Ricco’s production skills, creativity and his vocal prowess.

The first track, “Kasipaneni,” is an uplifting ode to self-empowerment that is both catchy and inspiring. Vinnie’s vocals, accompanied by a soulful chorus, serve as a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversities. The upbeat production of “Okathandayo” is the perfect backdrop for Ricco’s witty bars and clever wordplay.

Other tracks like “Motherland” and “Lumnandi” showcase Kings’s ability to expertly craft afropop-soul-infused R&B jams. The EP also features the track “City to City, ” which can be considered to be the title track. The song serves as an anthem for anyone to be proud of where they come from and to represent your hood through thick and thin. Its all about representing your “neck of the woods.”

City on a Hill is an impressive collection of tracks that displays Vinnie’s production and songwriting talent. His ability to create a cohesive soundscape that blends together hip hop, rnb, soul, and afropop is remarkable, and the EP is sure to be a hit with fans of all genres. All in all the catchy melodies, dope hooks, awesome lyricism and resounding production make this EP a must to listen to.

The EP can be streamed on Spotify. Here is the link:

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