By Sympathy Sibanda

There are times when you feel the zeal to do more even when it seems you have done it all. The story of Tafadzwa Masuko, the CEO of GMF Home improvements paints a picture of providence, opportunities and resilience in the face of many adversities. Offering unique services that many only see on TV home and lifestyle channels, he has changed the interior décor industry in Zimbabwe offering notable makeovers that are the talk of town.

Recollecting his childhood, he recalls how he joined the Junior Achievement Zimbabwe programme in high school at Prince Edward where issues of business was introduced to him. It awakened the thirst to strive to start things of his own.

“I never wanted to attend the club but my friend forced me and I’m forever grateful to him. A presenter who gave us the talk that day changed my life and groomed us on how best to do business and do public speaking. It led to me ignoring my school work and focusing on business news of the day,” Tafadzwa recalled.

His stint with Bindura university made him put to test what he had always loved and read about- business. With help from his sister, he purchased a screen printing machine that saw him getting into a lucrative t-shirt printing business while in school.

“Getting into t-shirt printing business enabled me to be financially independent and made me confront the joys and pains of running a business among them having employees, balancing my time and meeting demands”

Tafadzwa is a multi-lingual businessman whose 4 year stay in China edified his portfolio. He speaks fluent Chinese and this helped him to work in two Chinese affiliated companies an experience that taught him many aspects of how Chinese people do their business.

“My stay in China not only taught me how to be fluent in Chinese but has also helped me to practice some helpful tenets in learnt n China in my own business, GMF home improvements. The journey has not been easy but through word of mouth and client satisfaction we have seen a rise in our portfolio,” he said.

Asked on how his journey has been, the well spoken businessman says that it has not always been easy but each time he wanted to give up he remembered why he started. His family has been supportive of his business which has kept him going. From the onset of his passion to his current business state his mother and sisters have offered their morale and now his wife always spurs him on.

“GMF is a home improvements company that offers interior décor for shops, homes and all spaces. We are motivated to bring beauty from the world in a purse afforded by everyone. We are also going to offer a programme where we give back to society through offering extreme makeovers for the underprivileged homes,” the excited entrepreneur explained.

GMF enterprises is a company that specialises in home improvements, renovations, shop fittings and customer furniture designs established in 2017 and has worked with companies such as NetOne, Untu Capital, Styles of philosophy, HCK and many other reputable clients. 


  1. Keep going Famalam, the sky is the limit.. l remember when u invited me to partner u but l slacked… So happy for you broz God Bless….

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