Zimbabwe’s Fashion Kings: Male Designers Leading the Industry

Zimbabwe’s Fashion Kings: Male Designers Leading the Industry

Who is the Best Fashion Designer or Tailor in Zimbabwe?

The question of who holds the title of the best fashion designer or tailor in Zimbabwe is one that sparks much debate, given its subjective nature. However, in recent years, male fashion designers have made significant strides in the industry, often outshining their female counterparts in terms of awards and recognition.

During the Miss Universe Zimbabwe pageant hosted in June under the theme “Met Gala,” the red carpet was adorned with glamorous costumes predominantly designed by male designers. The main event saw most contestants dressed by notable male designers such as Charlie Designs by Charlie, Nandi Fashions, Blessing Tapfumanei, Ngoni Motsi, Ishmael Tsakatsa of Zarguesia, and Ivhu Tribe.

Credit also goes to female international designers, including Fixation and The Tribe Called Zimbabwe by Zana. For instance, the reigning Miss Universe Zimbabwe, Sakhile Dube, wore a national costume designed by The Tribe Called Zimbabwe by Zana. The Zarguesia brand was announced as the Best Designing Brand during the Miss Universe Zimbabwe event in June.

A few weeks after this coronation, Yollanda Chimbarami was crowned Miss Supranational Zimbabwe, wearing an evening gown designed by Ishmael Tsakatsa of Zarguesia.

In another notable event, the Herald Lifestyle and its partners hosted an extravaganza and fashion exhibition at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe. Designers from across the country showcased their work, with Jasper Mandizera, head of Ivhu Tribe, stealing the show with his Herald Lifestyle dress. The dress, modeled by multi-talented artist Vimbai Zimuto, was designed in the form of newspapers in line with the event’s “media and newspaper” theme.

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Among the male designers dominating Zimbabwe’s fashion industry is Thembani Mubochwa, an award-winning designer who headlined the Pan Africa Fashion show and a fashion show in Paris. Mubochwa, the ambassador of Zimbabwe Park and Wildlife Management, is known for his Elephant Dress. His work has dressed renowned artists such as the late South African gospel artist Sifiso Ngcwane, Zimbabwean gospel singer Tatenda Mahachi, and Cindy Munyavi. Mubochwa’s talent extends to his daughter, currently one of the best teen designers in Southern Africa.

The journey of fashion in Zimbabwe also includes Kidd Hunta, a brand co-owned by Tafadzwa Moyo, known as Taf the Taylor. Moyo, now based in South Africa, was the first Zimbabwean to grace the International Fashion Showcase at Somerset House. He has showcased his work at South Africa’s S.A. Men’s Wear Week alongside another Zimbabwean designer, Nkululeko Nvube, who owns Arakani. Nvube, born in Matabeleland’s Nkayi, has headlined international fashion shows such as HIFA, Durban Fashion Fair, Intwasa Fashion Show, and S.A. Men’s Wear Week.

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David Alford Designs

David Alford, the award-winning Designer of the Year 2015, has made a significant impact internationally. He has showcased his designs in Kenya, Ghana, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. In 2017, Alford was selected from 8,000 applicants to present his work in New York. He is now based in the United Kingdom.

Other notable male fashion designers and tailors in Zimbabwe include Sozinino, ByBakari, Jerome Wear, Collin Ratisai, Cyril Gopoza, Mistar Rocca, Ngugi Vere, Simba Nyawiri, Bernard Hats, and Mthobi Sibanda. These designers have made significant contributions to the fashion industry, solidifying their place in Zimbabwe’s fashion history.

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