Zimbabweans seek revisions in the education system

Since the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education introduced, Continuous Assessments Learning Activities (CALA) in 2021, Zimbabweans have been divided in accepting its introduction into the system.

Some claimed it has been a burden not only to teachers, or parents but also to the students. Other concerned parents are of the view that CALA has contributed to the country’s pass rate and that it lacks clarity and standardisation.

Some believe it had widened the gap between urban and rural, private, and public schools. Criticism has also risen from several teachers’ union.

The public will receive an opportunity to say their thoughts about CALA and other activities within the new curriculum.

This is scheduled to happen from the 23rd to 24th of May from 08:30hrs to 17:00hrs (CAT) across the country.

The ministry of Primary and Secondary Education released a letter which was signed by its permanent Secretary Mrs. T Thabela.

In the letter she stated out that every school, national-wide will have a consultation center, and the agenda of the meeting is a national curriculum review consultation.

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