ZIM: Artists’ Registration Fees Reviewed

ZIM: Artists’ Registration Fees Reviewed

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation recently announced a new fee structure for the registration of artists, associations, promoters, and institutions under the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ), to help the council deliver its services effectively.

The new fee structure is pegged in United States dollars with also the option to pay using the local currency depending on the interbank rates.

The changes were announced in terms of section 35 of the National Arts Council Act through Statutory Instrument 46 of 2023.

An artist is required to pay US$20 for initial registration with NACZ, while promoters will fork out US$650, from $1 860. Trusts/venues are now required to pay US$500 from $560 and associations, which used to pay $260, must now pay US$250.

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The fee for local show clearance has been pegged at US$100 per month, while for engaging foreign artists, NACZ will get 5% of gate takings or US$1 000. An arts group will pay US$50 for initial registration and the same fee for annual renewal.

The council will pocket 5% of the invoice for clearance of broadcasting, sound, and musical equipment.

These regulations may be cited as National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (General Amendment) Regulations 2023 (No 3).

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“The registration fees stipulated may be payable in local currency at the current interbank rate in terms of the exchange control regulations as published by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,” said Coventry.

NACZ spokesperson Rodney Ruwende said the new fees will not affect those that had already paid.

“The new fees will affect new registrations and late renewals, as they should have been done in 2022 or at least in the first quarter,” he said.

Cinema Society of Zimbabwe spokesperson Richard Tentone said: “NACZ should have more training programs and facilities that are available for registered artists as part of its value proposition to justify the high fees.”

“Charging US$20 to individual artists is excessive for a struggling film sector.”

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The main function of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) is to foster, develop and improve the knowledge, understanding, and practice of the arts and their presentation, performance, execution, and exhibition of the same to various publics.

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