ZAFTAs announce nominees

ZAFTAs announce nominees

The landmark first annual Zimbabwe Annual Film and Television Awards have just announced the nominees for their first edition which will be held on the 2nd December 2023 at.


Outstanding TV Series

  • A High School Diary
  • Jangano
  • Intab’enkulu
  • Faking It
  • Amanxeba

Outstanding Cinematography for a TV Series

  • Faking It (Munashe Chitsiga)
  • Jangano (Leo Ericks Jakata)
  • Intab’enkulu (Ngonie. G. Nyembe)
  • Viva Wenera (Eddie Ndlovu)
  • A High School Diary

Outstanding Directing for a TV Series

  • Amanxeba (John Mabuyane)
  • Faking It (Nakai Tsuro)
  • Jangano (Welensky Kaseke)
  • Maliwe (Solomon Mandaza)
  • Intab’enkulu (Kuda Bryan Bwititi)

Outstanding Editing for a TV Series

  • Jangano
  • Intab’enkulu
  • Maliwe (Ibraheem Kuvawoga)
  • Faking It

Outstanding TV Actress

  • Charlene Mangweni (Tangled)
  • Gamu Denenga (Faking It)
  • Sipilisiwe Kaikeni (Jangano)
  • Kudzai Makusha (Broken Lives)
  • Katongo Mutale (Intab’enkulu)

Outstanding TV Actor

  • Tanaka Munyavhi (A High School Diary)
  • Lucian. T. David (Faking It)
  • Andrew Chitembure (Broken Lives)
  • Tendai Madzviti (Bundu)
  • Greatjoy Hlatswayo (Intab’enkulu)

Outstanding TV Presenter

  • Moya
  • Mazwi
  • Mai Chisamba (Rebecca Chisamba)
  • Charles Mabika
  • Candice Mwakalyelye

Outstanding Children’s Program

  • Mouths of Babes
  • Street Talk
  • Bhutsu na Shatireki
  • My Bible My Treasure
  • Funky Eggs

Outstanding Achievement in Wardrobe and Costume Design for TV

  • Hakata
  • Amanxeba
  • Jangano
  • Faking It
  • Marbles

Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a TV Series

  • Intab’enkulu
  • Jangano
  • Faking It
  • Amanxeba
  • Tangled

Outstanding Educational Program for TV

  • Nyamatsatse Series 3: The Stories of the plants
  • Bread Basket
  • Agri Business
  • Incredible Farmers
  • So Now I am a Vegan
  • Street Talk

Outstanding Indigenous Culture, Language and Tradition in a TV Series

  • Hakata
  • Maliwe
  • Tangled
  • Amanxeba
  • A High School Diary
  • Bundu

Outstanding TV Documentary Series

  • Mhosva-Ritual Murder
  • Maitirwo Azvo
  • Madii Mambofamba
  • Weekend in the Wild: Episode 1

Outstanding Reality Competition

  • Squad Games
  • Family Honour
  • Spark: Episode 5

Popular Television Series

  • Viva Wenera
  • Tangled
  • Estate Blues
  • Muzita raBaba
  • Soulmate
  • Amanxeba

Popular Television Show

  • Mai Chisamba Show
  • The Morning Rush
  • The Daily Dose
  • Budget Buys


Outstanding Feature Film Award

  • Ngoda
  • The Letter
  • Nevanji
  • Cavern

Outstanding Documentary Feature Award

  • Transactions
  • Chosen
  • Nyamatsatse Series 3: The Stories of the plants
  • Nyamatsatse Series 2: Guruuswa: A Zimbabweans Origins Story

Outstanding Documentary Short Award

  • The Goddess in Zim
  • Fresh Farm
  • My Name is Patience
  • Create Zim: Art Across Cities
  • We Are Children of the Stars
  • Gushungo

Outstanding Student Film Award

  • Black Ultraviolet
  • If These Walls Were Wallets
  • My Wife
  • The Voices
  • Third Law

Outstanding Short Film Award

  • Veza The Unfolding
  • My Wife
  • Sow Reaper
  • Daughter of the Soil
  • At the End of the Rainbow
  • Ikasi The Hood

Outstanding Animation Award

  • Kizai Moto Generation Fire: Mukudzei
  • My Name is My Name
  • Bhutsu Na Shatireki
  • Nzara-Hunger

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film

  • Eddie Sandifolo as TindoToropido in “Ngoda
  • Taurai Kawara as Gora in “Ngoda
  • Felix Machingambi as Comrade in “Comrade
  • Arthur Antonio in “Nevanji
  • Emmanuel Mbirima as Simon in “The Letter
  • Calvin Madula as Detective Mxolisi Moyo in “Veza the Unfolding

Outstanding Actress in a Film

  • Charmaine Mujeri as Bhuru in “Ngoda
  • Runyararo Nhunzvi as Sonain in “Inbox
  • Nothando Nobengula in “Nevanji
  • Florence Makamure in “Zvemoyo
  • Mary Mpandahama as Mother in “Cocoon

Outstanding Performance in the Diaspora Award

  • Phumelele Mkhize as Spe in “Wolves Among Sheep
  • Nhlanhla Dlamini as Thabo in “Wolves Among Sheep

Outstanding Screenwriting for Film

  • Virginia Jekanyika for “Mirage
  • Joe Njagu for “Ngoda
  • Tafadzwa Ranganai for “Nevanji
  • Tinashe Dorobheni for “Maoko Akandirera

Best Achievement in Directing Award in a Feature Film

  • Joe Njagu and Eddie Sandifolo for “Ngoda
  • Joe Njagu for “The Letter
  • Tafadzwa Ranganai for “Nevanji
  • Tafadzwa Ranganai for “Cavern

Best Achievement in Cinematography Award

  • Leo Jakata for “Sin
  • Rodney Mabaleka for “Veza the Unfolding
  • Joe Njagu for “Ngoda

Best Achievement in Production Design Award

  • Veza the Unflolding
  • The Letter
  • Ngoda
  • Cavern

Best Achievement in Costume Design Award

  • Thato Gwangwa for “Black Ultraviolet
  • Dereck Nzwiyakwi for “Rutendo
  • Melissa Ncube for “Ikasi the Hood
  • Carron Tambala for “The Letter

Best Achievement in Sound Design Award

  • Joshua Cannings for “Ngoda
  • Londeka Mngomezulu for “Third Law
  • Audly Creative Sound for “Maoko Akandirera
  • Ronald Chikwava for “At the End of the Rainbow

Best Achievement in Editing Award in a Film

  • Lewis Aaron for “Rutendo
  • Forward Musaamba for “Cocoon
  • Lindiwe Gwara and Billy Walsh for “The Letter

Outstanding Indigenous Language Award in a Film

  • Ikasi The Hood
  • We Are Children of the stars
  • Nyamatsatse Series 3
  • Tangled

Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling Award in a Film

zafta ZAFTAs announce nominees
  • Rosebud Tsikura for “Ngoda
  • Makeup Artist for “Opus
  • Makeup Artist for “Sin

Outstanding Experimental Short Film Award

  • Murindagomo – The Tale of The Magic Pot
  • Daughter of the Soil
  • Third Law
  • Inverted

The awards are the brainchild of the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe. They are also hosting a fundraising dinner in the coming month in preparations for the awards and where the trophy will be revealed.

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