X Mile is set to release his second EP ‘Izinto’

“I called my EP into specifically for things I wish I could be doing for both my late parents as they raised me the best way, they could…”

As music is evolving now and then, Zimbabwean artist, the multi-award-winning international singer X Mile whose bio name is Xolani Ndlovu is set to release an extended play (EP) titled, ‘Izinto ‘ which is going to become his second EP and it comes after his first EP—Bangaxabani which was released in 2014.

X Mile has been releasing singles and collaborating with other artists. Izinto will be released on the 1st of September, next month and X Mile said the launch will be on September 2 in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

This becomes one of the tracks to listen to during the spring season this year.

In an interview with My Afrika Mag team, X Mile said that the title of his upcoming EP Izinto was named as a dedication to things that he wishes he can be doing for his parents who are late.

“I called my EP Izinto specifically for things I wish I could be doing for both my late parents as they raised me the best way they would. Not a day I never felt unloved by them, and it hurts me that they are not here today to experience all my little successes and to benefit from them,” narrated X Mile.

The first track in the EP is titled ‘Ndiyabulela’ and X Mile explained that the song is purposed to send the message to those who lost their loved ones. It is filled with a happy rhythm and its expected to bring smiles to many who are deeply sad and broken inside.

When questioned why he took more than seven years to release his second EP, X Mile responded by saying he doesn’t work under pressure as he wants everything to be well moulded.

“I refused to be pressured by what everyone thinks that an artist should do everything. I have recorded 100 songs of which If I wanted, I could be having multiple albums by now, but I choose to take my time and do what works.”

In the EP, X Mile works with Estraden Studios and Umfana.

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