‘There is only one ACE in the pack’

‘There is only one ACE in the pack’

It’s been almost a month since Zimbabwe hosted its largest National Arts Merit Awards. Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), a journalist from My Afrika Magazine, recently sat down with Arthur Evans (AE), widely known as ACE, who hosted the NAMAs.

During their conversation, ACE shared insights into his experience hosting the ceremony, discussing both the highs and lows of managing a live event. He also highlighted the importance of his family in supporting his work. ACE is known for his versatility, excelling as an actor, newsreader, voice-over artist, and radio personality.

However, he’s particularly esteemed as the standout Master of Ceremonies in Zimbabwe, earning him the title of the only ACE in the pack.

TR: How do you feel about successfully hosting the NAMAS as the MC?

AE: Thank you very much. It really was an honour to host the country’s biggest celebration of art and to bring my international style to the event and ultimately to viewers across the world.

TR: Could you share your most memorable moment as the host of the ceremony?

AE: Having my mother, my day 1 in the audience to see what I do at the biggest arts and entertainment awards ceremony in the country. Her support has helped mould me to the man and the speaker and presenter that I am. Honour your father and mother and your days will be long. Secondly, my father giving me his blessing when he read about me hosting the NAMAs in the paper. He called me to tell me “Well done, I wish you all the best, I’m proud of you”.
Great moments should leave a legacy and a generational approval is my greatest moment.

TR: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of hosting an international event like the NAMAS?

There-is-only-one-ACE-in-the-pack-683x1024 'There is only one ACE in the pack'

AE: Hosting a live event with an audience but presenting for TV but without a teleprompter can test anyone’s skills. The delivery technique required is precise and it has to be well balanced. Add onto that people’s expectations of the “classy” Arthur C. Evans delivering another clean and professional performance live and with last minute changes to the script and logistics was a challenge I’m proud to say I overcame.

TR: With your extensive experience hosting both national and international events, what’s your secret to making them truly remarkable?

AE: Visualization. All great achievers visualize their processes. Before I stepped on stage, I had lived out the night a hundred times in my head. Secondly, I focus on the bigger picture which is never about me even though I may be the main man. This was for arts in Zimbabwe. It was for Bulawayo. It was for those that have helped me on this journey. I am humble in heart to know that when we all shine, we shine brighter.

TR: Could you tell us about the collaboration with Bakari and C&C designs for your outfits? Whose idea was it to create these designs?

AE: The inspiration for the designs came from my manager Emma Nherera (of Era Media) We both believe in celebrating local talent that is exceptional in their work. The brand “Arthur C. Evans” is a national brand and we want to support collaborators from across Zimbabwe as I do my best to represent the country wherever I go.

TR: Family holds great significance for many people. How important is family to you, and how do you manage to balance your busy schedule with spending time with your loved ones?

AE: It can be very difficult, but I have to make time and I do. My family is fantastic because they are very patient with me and always support me. My wife reminded of my first big international excursion during the week of the NAMAs and I reminded her that she pushed me to that level of greatness at that time because she believes in me. I can’t let that belief down.

TR: Given your diverse talents and accomplishments, some compare you to Dwayne Johnson aka Rock of Africa, who has excelled in acting, sports, and hosting. Have you ever considered pursuing acting or wrestling?

AE: It’s funny you should ask because I am a pretty decent actor and I actually have acted in productions for stage and theatre. I really enjoy acting. As for wrestling, that’s another story I may not read but if we were to exchange that for an action movie, I hope that one day a director will cast me in a movie where I can show my action and combat skills.

Website-Banner-1-6-1024x448 'There is only one ACE in the pack'

TR: For those interested in collaborating with you, how can they reach out to you?

AE: I always tell people that a Google search for Arthur C. Evans, Zimbabwe will not lead you astray. For quick and efficient feedback, it’s best to contact my Manager at Era Media on emma@eramedia.digital. She will help anyone fine tune the possibility of us working together. I would really like people to follow me because I often share uplifting messages and so I’d encourage people to follow me on Instagram @arthurevanszw.

TR: Lastly, as we’re two months into 2024, what can we anticipate from you before the year draws to a close?

AE: You shall know me by my fruits. I have a major goal this year, so I look forward to another great interview with you. I’m pushing my personal best and I intend to make it happen.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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