The Soulful Sounds of Bulawayo: Exploring the music of Oka Maseko

The Soulful Sounds of Bulawayo: Exploring the music of Oka Maseko

Tsepo Denzel Maseko, known to the music world as Oka Maseko, is a rising star in the Zimbabwean music scene. Hailing from Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city, Oka Maseko’s music resonates with its soulful melodies, powerful vocals, and socially conscious lyrics. This article delves into his musical journey, exploring his influences, notable works, and the impact he’s making on the Zimbabwean music landscape.

A Fusion of Afro-Soul and Social Advocacy:

Oka Maseko’s music blends elements of Afro-soul and Afro-house, creating a captivating soundscape that is both danceable and thought-provoking. His deep, emotive vocals carry lyrics that often address real-world issues, particularly those impacting women and marginalized communities. This socially conscious approach sets him apart, making his music not just entertaining but also a powerful tool for raising awareness and sparking conversations.

From Acapella Harmony to Solo Stardom:

Oka Maseko’s musical roots lie in acapella singing groups. This early experience honed his vocal skills and instilled in him a deep appreciation for vocal harmonies, which continue to play a role in his solo compositions. He eventually transitioned to a solo career, allowing him to explore his own artistic vision and message.

Notable Works and Recognition:

While Oka Maseko’s discography is still relatively new, some of his notable works include “Ngkhulume,” a powerful song featured on the “Vakuru” compilation album. The song tackles the sensitive issue of sexual abuse against women and showcases his ability to blend musical beauty with a strong social message. His selection as a 2021 Voice2Rep artist further highlights his commitment to using his music for positive social change.

Emerging Voice with a Bright Future:

Oka Maseko is slowly carving his niche in the Zimbabwean music scene. His unique blend of musical styles, powerful vocals, and socially conscious lyrics resonates with audiences, making him an artist to watch out for. With continued dedication and artistic exploration, Oka Maseko has the potential to become a prominent voice not only in Zimbabwe but also on the wider African music stage.

We caught up with Tsepo recently to talk about ‘INYEMBEZI”, the new project he is working on. *Makhosini Mpofu (MM), Oka Maseko (OM)

MM: Can you share the inspiration behind your upcoming single? What motivated you to create this track?

OK: This song is based/Inspired by a true story, a man in my community murdered the parents of a certain family then after a month he was out of jail because of the position and work he does in the country, so l decided to be the voice of the situation through my Music.

MM: How would you describe the overall vibe and mood of the song? What emotions do you hope listeners will experience?

OK: It’s an emotional song which has the massage and at the same time with the vibe that catches people’s attention with the beat.

MM: What makes this single stand out from your previous releases? Any unique elements or surprises for your audience?

OK: This song has something different from my previous projects the Sound is different, and the lyric content is something far different than my previous songs.

MM: Can you give us a glimpse into the creative process behind the production of the track? Any interesting anecdotes or challenges you faced?

OK: The way l had a vision in this project and the outcome that l anticipated, it was difficult to find the sound/ Genre that l wanted, finally l found the Producer by the name MellowMusiQ from Solid Sound at Matshobane he managed to do the project because he had my vision and believed the project that’s why it took me much time to do this song, it took me half a year.

MM: Are there specific influences or artists that played a role in shaping the sound of this single?

OK: This project has artists like Lights Out WakoBulawayo who helped in lyric Content too, Zoste Cartel the content Creator and Director of Loxion Arts Hub he came with the ideas on how to express the idea to the song and one and only the Producer himself MellowMusiQ Who came with an idea of the type of a beat and shaped me in all angles of the project.

MM: Did you collaborate with any other artists or musicians on this project? If so, how did their contributions enhance the final product?

OK: I collaborated with MellowMusiQ is the Producer he did the whole Sound behind the Song INYEMBEZI.

MM: What message or story do you aim to convey through the lyrics or musical elements of the single?

OK: The massage is about tha ignorance of the law in my country and would love to see my fellow citizens helping and fighting for their rights.

MM: How do you envision your audience connecting with this track? Any settings or situations where you think it’ll resonate the most?

OK: The sound of the song is different it’s rare to hear it in Zimbabwe and it’s electrifying its catches the attention of the audience, cause it’s something new to them.

MM: Are there plans for a music video or any visual elements to accompany the release? If yes, can you provide a teaser or hintsabout the concept?

OK: As l have mentioned Zoste Cartel earlier his the one who’s going to direct the video which will come after the realise of audio first.

MM: After the release, what’s next for you? Any upcoming projects or collaborations on the horizon?

OK: After the release of this song there a lot of projects coming. I’ll be collaborating With Loxion Dance Hub which has a lot of great young talents. They are located at Mzilikazi youth centre and there’s an Ep which will be releasing on the first of March.

Oka Maseko’s powerful voice and socially conscious lyrics have resonated with audiences in Bulawayo and beyond. His music delves into important issues like gender-based violence, urging listeners to challenge the status quo and advocate for change. While information about him online is limited, his talent and message are undeniable. As Oka Maseko continues his musical journey, one can only anticipate the impactful songs and performances that lie ahead, making him a rising voice to watch in the Zimbabwean music scene and beyond.


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