The ‘Size’ does not matter anymore.

The ‘Size’ does not matter anymore.

She has cat walked the ramp and posed for commercial shoots in two beautiful bodies that all belong to her, and she loves both equally.

But how is that possible?

It’s a short story. 22-year-old Marrylnn Busumani landed her first professional gig in the glamorous industry of modelling, her body was a bit on the chunky side of things, but she didn’t give a hoot. Neither did her management, Greensleeves Marketing Agency. They all rallied behind the youthful beauty, sharpening, and polishing her etiquette ahead of the calling of duty. A step to represent and inspire an ongoing revolution in the budding generation of models, the plus sized beauties. And she did execute her mandate and represented so well.

A few struts down the runway, the model on the ramp is still the same but the body has significantly changed. Wait, did she get some kind of Cinderella magical transformation from some fairy Godmother or something?

“I got motivated to shift from plus size to slimmer size when I realised that any model could choose who they want to be. There’s nothing wrong with being you and neither is changing to your desired size. It’s just a way to prove to the world that ‘I can do it’ “, Marrylnn gushes about her new trimmed look to My Afrika Magazine.

Despite the dramatic body-switch, Marrylnn claims she doesn’t entertain a strict eating plan in her daily diet. She still finds time to cheat with a creamy doughnut, even two, and doesn’t feel guilty about it.

“We are all human. We all get cravings for a little junk food here and there”, she says in justification.

However, Marrylnn makes up for all the cheating by regularly hitting the gym and doing twice the hard work. So much for being flirty with a doughnut, hey.

“At the end of the day, everybody is beautiful, so I have learnt to embrace both my plus and thin body sizes”, she proudly declares.

Born an only child, Marrylnn was raised in Harare before moving to Masvingo, a town and province in the south of the country.  She’s currently a full-time model and a part time dancer and has also enrolled in university to study International Business Management.

Marrylnn believes the modelling industry has fast revolutionised and traditional norms and stereotypical principles that held the yester-year industry with a restrictive grip are disappearing.

IMG-20230329-WA0002 The ‘Size’ does not matter anymore.

The doors are getting opened wider to models of all shape, colour and size.

“Size does not matter anymore. Plus size models are proving to be able to take over in the modelling industry”, she says.

Although she believes most of her dreams have already come to pass, Marrylnn still feels there’s still ample space beyond the sky to spread her wings a bit more and satisfy her ambitions.

To date, the zesty Princess of the catwalk has done gigs for local pageantry, commercial shoots, video appearances, brand promotions and more.

With time, Marrylnn hopes to expand and spread her influence in the world of Television presenting. For someone who has stood in the mirror and confidently embraced two different images of herself in the same moment, anything is achievable.

Elias Muonde

Elias M Muonde is a Writer, Scriptwriter, film Director and Journalist based in Harare. His writing has been published in a handful of anthologies as well as in The Standard Newspaper, The NewsHawks, various international journals, blogs, and online platforms. He's also a Human Interest correspondent with My Afrika Magazine, but often happily encroaches to hard beats like politics and business. A film enthusiast, Muonde has worked on several film projects in different capacities: from production management to assistant directing. He also wrote over a hundred episodes of radio drama aired on Radio Zimbabwe , TV series for independent producers and popular satirical shows under Magamba TV. When not writing or reading, Muonde spends his life in the garden helping a swathes of colourful geraniums, hibiscus and roses open up their buds to the sun and bloom.

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