The parable of Curtly Gwindi, Zimbabwe’s fastest rising TV personality

The parable of Curtly Gwindi, Zimbabwe’s fastest rising TV personality

The story of Curtly Gwindi encapsulates a journey marked by tranquility, patience, and unwavering determination to achieve his goals. Born and raised in Harare, the 27-year-old gentleman began his educational journey at Highlands Primary School and later attended Hattman House Junior School.

It was during his junior school years that Curtly discovered his natural talent for confident public speaking, ultimately winning the prestigious National CABS Junior Public Speaking competition held at Gateway School.

His educational path led him to Mazowe Boys School for Form One and Two before transferring to Midlands Christian College, where he completed his Upper Six studies. His charismatic and adventurous spirit continued to flourish during his time at the University of Zimbabwe, where he became a beloved figure known for his oratory skills and involvement in high-level conferences.

Now, as a philosopher and linguist by profession, Curtly’s professional journey has seamlessly transitioned into a successful television career. Hosting the program “Iron Sharpens Iron,” he delves into in-depth discussions with top-notch guests, showcasing his wisdom and knowledge across various topics.

Reflecting on his growing popularity, Curtly humbly acknowledges the by-products of fame, attributing his ability to handle it to his faith and humility. Despite perceptions from others, Curtly remains true to himself, embracing his identity and evolving into not only a television host but also a respected businessman.

Inspired by prominent figures like Trevor Noah, Curtly founded CGC, a comprehensive marketing, public relations, and communications company known for its excellence in organizational systems development. His dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence have earned him numerous accolades, including being recognized among the Under 40 public relations personnel of the year and receiving awards such as the Gumiguru 30 under 30 and the Megafest Business Awards.

Passionate about mental health advocacy and mentorship, Curtly emphasizes the importance of being open about one’s feelings and seeking guidance from various mentors. Grounded in prayer and guided by his values, Curtly believes in seizing opportunities and maximizing his talents, whether on the rugby field, in the swimming pool, or within the realm of business.

Curtly has been an inspirational figure for me, and prayer holds a central place in his life. He often cites the lyrics of Holy Ten’s song, “ukamuka usaskipper prayer,” emphasizing the importance of starting each day with prayer. According to him, a life grounded in prayer opens doors to opportunities. He finds resonance with the biblical parable of talents, seeing it as a reflection of how God guides individuals along their paths.

Despite his busy schedule, which includes pursuits such as rugby, swimming, and soccer, Curtly maintains a balanced life centered on his faith in God and his ability to capitalize on his talents for success.

Ngonidzashe Ronald Gwatidzo

Ronald Ngonidzashe Gwatidzo is a young, multi talented, self motivated and spiritual driven individual who believes in hard work, resilience, energy and dedication. He is a content creator, writer, actor, broadcast anchor, producer and presenter. He is also an enthusiastic educator and goal getter.

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