The devil you know is better than…

The devil you know is better than…

The Bulawayo Residents Progressive Association which has been advocating for better living conditions on behalf of the residents to the local authorities, echoed its call for Bulawayo voters to elect members within their communities, during an exclusive interview between the organisation’s administrator T Dube and My Afrika Magazine.

This comes at a time when Zimbabweans are gearing up for presidential, house of assembly and local government authorities elections on the 23rd of August.

hqdefault The devil you know is better than...

“The residents of Bulawayo are very clear regarding councillors they want. The individual must be a resident in the ward who owns property in that area. The person should have contributed immensely to the development of the area and should be an active participant on issues affecting residents.

“A person who is a bonafide resident not an imposition from the party leadership in Harare.”

“Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) we urge residents to reject people who are not known to them but are just an offload from the party’s leadership,” said T Dube.

Thembelani Dube said residents and politicians should understand that local government differs from local governments.

Dube spoke against the corruption that has been conducted by the city fathers of Bulawayo and lack of exercising their jobs.

“Bulawayo is in a state of decay. We need men and women of upright morals who will deal with massive corruption that led to Egodini being a white elephant, that led to sewer bursts being normalised and water purification being optional leading to the loss of precious lives in Luveve.

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“Councillors must sympathise with the masses and have good listening skills are not arrogant,” said Dube

He further added, “the road infrastructure is in the ICU, and we need councillors who will prioritise roads, sewerage, and water infrastructure. The Bulawayo central business district is now the epitome of visual pollution.”

The Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association has hopes that the challenges faced but the Bulawayo residents will be addressed.

Political parties who include: CCC, ZAPU, ZANU PF, USA, DOP are among candidates who are eyeing for local authority seats in Bulawayo province.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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