Takura and Davido set to collaborate after his triumph over drug abuse

Takura and Davido set to collaborate after his triumph over drug abuse

Takura Shonhayi is celebrating a victory in his battle against drug abuse and is now poised to collaborate with Nigerian superstar Davido.

After spending five weeks in rehabilitation, Takura expressed his readiness to team up with Davido during an interview with Star FM’s DJ Eve on the Unplugged broadcast. He shared his excitement about returning to the stage and assured fans that there’s much more in store for them.

“This is my first performance of 2024, and I was thrilled to be back on stage. I’ve been performing at Unplugged since 2014. I have one collaboration with Davido, and there are more to come,” Takura revealed.

Acknowledging his struggles with drug abuse, Takura credited his manager, Mike Rich, for intervening and guiding him through rehabilitation.

“I was going through a tough time, and my manager, Mike Rich, stepped in. I was battling drug addiction, losing myself, and he took me to rehab for five weeks, allowing me to regain clarity of mind,” Takura shared gratefully.

NEWS-copy-1024x436 Takura and Davido set to collaborate after his triumph over drug abuse

Manager Mike Rich emphasized the importance of support and divine intervention in Takura’s journey to recovery, expressing gratitude for his transformation.

“It wasn’t challenging for me to assist Takura because I’ve received help in various aspects of my life. I’m incredibly thankful for his transformation. All credit goes to God, as He’s the one who makes everything possible. Without His guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. It’s God who inspires and empowers us to help others,” Mike Rich remarked.

Takura’s journey mirrors that of other prominent Zimbabwean rappers, such as Saintfloew, who sought rehabilitation for drug abuse with the support of individuals like Tinashe Mutarisi, who funded his treatment in South Africa.

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