Supermodel: Empowering Zimbabwe’s next generation of models

Supermodel: Empowering Zimbabwe’s next generation of models

A new platform has been established in Zimbabwe that aims to empower models across the country. Known as Supermodel, this initiative is set to revolutionize the modeling sector by nurturing the new generation of talent.

Described by some as the dazzling world of modeling and fashion, where lights and cameras capture beauty from every angle, Supermodel is more than just a platform for runway dreams. It is a movement committed to reshaping the industry’s future.

“Supermodel believes in breaking stereotypes and challenging norms. With a profound commitment to empowering models, our mission goes beyond the glitz and glamour. We’re dedicated to raising awareness about the exploitation that can plague the industry, educating models about their rights, and fostering a safe and inclusive space for everyone to thrive.”

The first auditions are set to kick off in the city of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo, on the 6th of July. Other provinces will also have the opportunity to participate, including Midlands, Manicaland, Matabeleland South, Masvingo, with the final auditions taking place in Harare.

The audition process will include various activities such as Catwalk, Face challenges, and other screening events spread over the next few months.

FB_IMG_17196038491844741 Supermodel: Empowering Zimbabwe's next generation of models

The SUPERMODEL brand aims to uncover the myriad of players that cultivate the Creative Economy of Zimbabwe. It will highlight and showcase the depth of talent that Zimbabwe has to offer in various forms such as film, skill training programs, fashion design, makeup artistry, photography, and promoting the Wear Zimbabwe campaign, which encourages supporting local fashion.

All activities and program designs will equip the 20 finalists with the skills to sustain their livelihoods, offering business training and opportunities to succeed in the Business of Fashion.

The brand was successfully launched at Hyatt Regency Harare by the Supermodel team, including Paidemoyo Chideya, Tanya Chikuni, and Karin Coric.

Audition Schedule:

  1. Bulawayo Auditions – 6th July
  2. Gweru Auditions – 7th July
  3. Mutare Auditions – 20th July
  4. Victoria Falls Auditions – 27th July
  5. Masvingo Auditions – 17th August
  6. Harare and Wild Card Auditions – 24th August
  7. GALA – 21st September
  8. SEMI FINALS – 5th October
  9. BOOT CAMP – 1st February 2025
  10. 4 Week Bootcamp – 1st February to 1st March 2025
  11. Finals – 1st March 2025

The auditions are open to all genders.

Photo Credit: Hukastone Studios

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