Sungura icon the subject of a doctorate thesis

Sungura icon the subject of a doctorate thesis

Zimbabwean scholar, Vimbai Chamisa was recently awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Chamisa’s doctorate research was centred on the music of Zimbabwean musical maestro Alick Macheso.

The title of her research was, “Sungura and Social identity Narratives in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe. An analysis of the popularity of Alick Macheso’s Music”.

During her graduation ceremony, the citation read, “Drawing from interviews with Macheso and members of his audience she develops a holistic overview of this iconic musician’s contribution to musical life as a highly visible representative of the Sungura genre.”

Macheso’s impact on music and in Zimbabwean culture as a whole is immeasurable, he is regarded as the “King of Sungura Music” and in 2021 was awarded one of the forty legend awards from the National Arts Merit Awards in Zimbabwe. Popular for his work in Sungura music, a musical genre that is popular in Zimbabwe that still continues to draw listeners across Zimbabwe’s borders and beyond.

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