Splash music will never expire

Splash music will never expire

Despite the introduction of new genres in the music industry; such as Kwaito, Gqom, House music, and Amapiano, one can acknowledge that it’s not easy to erase or overshadow the Splash music genre in the music sector.

Splash music is more popular in Botswana, South Africa’s north and west part while in Zimbabwe’s Southern area, it’s one of the most dominant music genres.

Artists such as the late Dan Tshanda, Patricia  Majalisa, and the Dalome Kidz are the pioneers of the genre, and their songs including: ‘Pointing fingers, Lufuno, Umona, and Ndincendeni’ are still anthems to many. One can agree that the genre is miles away from its death.

Last year the song, ‘Keneilwe’ by Dalom Kids which was later remixed by Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter, was regarded by several radio stations as the song of the year in December 2023 and is still a big jam in the music sector. 

‘Keneilwe’ is still being re-echoed by both radio and club DJs in most Southern parts of Africa.

The Dalom Kids are busy touring across Southern African countries such as Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe where they reached places such as Bulawayo, Filabusi, Gwanda, and Plumtree, promoting their song, ‘Keneilwe’ and the splash music.

The song ‘Keneilwe’, encourages the girl child or to old hope when faced with challenges. 

Thousands of people attended their events in honor of the late King and Queen of Splash Music, Dan Tshanda and Patricia Majalisa.

Splash music is a form of Soul, folk, and pop music where many of the genre’s followers believe that the late Dan Tshanda husband to the Queen of Splash (Patricia Majalisa) was the Pioneer of the sounds of Splash.

Splash songs are commonly played in Sheebeens or Tarvens in the Southern part of Zimbabwe, especially in the High Destiny Suburbs. It’s rare for a Sheebeen or Tarven in Bulawayo not to play ‘Splash Music’.

Pass by Third Avenue along Forth Street until you reach 1st Street in Bulawayo, crossing other streets such as Herbert Chitepo and Lobhengu Street, you won’t miss the sounds of Splash Music.

Many are of the view that the Splash songs are regarded as a way to dry one’s sorrows. A number of them tell stories about reality and that has been one of the main reasons that has contributed to its long last in the music sector.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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