Snapkid SA: A musical journey of perseverance and inspiration

Snapkid SA: A musical journey of perseverance and inspiration

Mudzanani Tshifhiwa, known as Snapkid SA, traces his musical roots back to his childhood in Limpopo before making the move to Gauteng. Despite facing challenges and moments of despair, his passion for music never waned.

In 2014, Tshifhiwa decided to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artist, marking the beginning of his music career. Starting with performances in notable venues such as Orlando Stadium and FNB Stadium, he soon garnered recognition, winning the Best Hip Hop Vernacular award at the Mzansi Traditional Cultural Music Awards (MTCMA).

Snapkid SA’s musical repertoire encompasses various genres, including hip hop, afrobeat, amapiano, and Afro pop. With a blend of African and international sounds, he aims to make a significant impact in the music industry and achieve global recognition.

Reflecting on his journey, Tshifhiwa acknowledges the evolution of his inspiration over the years. From finding solace in music during his school choir days to drawing motivation from renowned artists who reshaped his perspective on music’s possibilities, his influences have been diverse and transformative.

IMG-20240506-WA0008 Snapkid SA: A musical journey of perseverance and inspiration

One of Tshifhiwa’s key inspirations is Wizkid, whose success in taking local African music to the international stage, particularly with Afrobeat, inspired Snapkid SA to believe in the limitless potential of his own career.

As Tshifhiwa matured, his inspiration expanded to encompass African spirituality, guided by indigenous principles such as imboni uzwilezwe. This newfound perspective deepened his connection to his artistry, emphasizing its role in bringing hope and restoration to others.

However, Tshifhiwa acknowledges the challenges he has faced along his journey, particularly the struggle to maintain a kind heart in a world where exploitation is prevalent. Despite setbacks, such as the initial reception to his 2019 single “Mama I Made It,” where he celebrated his academic achievements, Snapkid SA remained resilient, refusing to give up on his passion.

Today, Snapkid SA’s perseverance has borne fruit, with over 300 monthly listeners and the release of his EP titled “The Twenty Five Ep.” His story serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in one’s dreams. Through his music, Snapkid SA continues to inspire and uplift others, proving that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

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