Shadaya’s Twitter Fingers Go Viral

Shadaya’s Twitter Fingers Go Viral

Shadaya is a serial Twitter blogger who has gained notoriety for his recent rants  and tweets. At times Shadaya can be witty, creative and humorous as he gives his takes on current topics and issues especially with regards to men, women and relationships.

Some of posts are often full of clever wordplay, jokes and dark humour analogies, but at times he delivers crude, cynical and scathing attacks on both genders.

These critical posts and tweets have helped him build a sizable following on tweeter.

His most recent tweets about Rihanna, Asap Ricky and their relationship seems to have struck a cord and put him in the stratosphere.

Shadaya’s tweets have been shared by some of the world’s biggest celebrities such as Future, especially his most recent ones.

The tweet in question had over 50million views. It left a huge impression as it was retweeted several times. In addition to this so many people commented on the tweet and added their two cents to the conversation. This post has gained so much traction and drawn opinions from many different people from all walks of life.

Shadaya-1024x847 Shadaya's Twitter Fingers Go Viral

Shadaya’s posts can but brutal and blunt at times but I believe that is what has gained him notoriety and his new found status. His posts are thought provoking and engaging which has helped him amass a huge following on the micro blogging site.

Overall, Shadaya is an excellent example of how Twitter can be used to reach a wide audience and gain notoriety.

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