Samantha Mundo relishes Gospel Greats Top 50 debut appearance

Samantha Mundo relishes Gospel Greats Top 50 debut appearance

Gospel singer Samantha Mundo is relishing her successes following her debut appearance on Star FM’s Gospel Greats Top 50 songs.

The 17-year-old Pretoria-based, Zimbabwean-born artist had two songs on the country’s premier gospel chart show with ‘Pray On’ featuring Mmatema coming on at 33 whilst ‘Simuka Titambe’ her collaboration with Sabastian Magacha was at number 25.

Samantha-Mundo-1024x738 Samantha Mundo relishes Gospel Greats Top 50 debut appearance

Gospel Greats Top 50 show which is hosted by Yvonne Tivatye was presented on Christmas day during a special edition programme.

Mundo was ecstatic at the news as she has just entered the music industry.

“It’s such an honour to be a part of something as big as Gospel Greats considering how young I am and the fact that I have just entered the industry and honestly I am very happy about this accomplishment,” said Samantha Mundo.

The young muso has had an exciting journey, something she owes to the guidance of her older peers in the industry.

“The journey has been absolutely amazing only because every single artist that I meet or work with, treats me like family which makes it easy for me to be comfortable and opens room for me to learn from them and of course there are ups and downs but the Lord always helps me to push through,” she added.

For Samantha, the month of December came with it a double delight as she got to share the stage with Grammy-nominated artist Pastor Travis Greene at the Shift Concert in Harare.

“I first want to mention how much of a huge fan of Pastor Travis I am and I had never imagined seeing him in person let alone sharing the same stage, it was a huge deal for me and I am truly grateful,” she revealed.

She already has set sights on releasing more music and doing more work in 2023 including a Live DVD recording.

Said Samantha: “I will be releasing an EP soon containing different genres of music as well as collaborations with various artists. However, Minister Takesure  Zamar and The Cherayis will be playing a big role in mentoring me.”

Samantha-Mundo-Sabastian-Magacha-1024x705 Samantha Mundo relishes Gospel Greats Top 50 debut appearance

“I am also planning a Live DVD recording in Zimbabwe for 2023 in July as I turn 18 and the aim is to fill the auditorium with as many youths and teens as possible because at the end of the day my goal is to bring the youth closer to God and the Gospel.”

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