Rhyme Apostles Unleashed: London’s Rhyme Assassin leads a Hip-Hop odyssey with all-star cast

Rhyme Apostles Unleashed: London’s Rhyme Assassin leads a Hip-Hop odyssey with all-star cast

Rhyme Assassin’s track, ‘Rhyme Apostles,’ is a London-based Zimbabwean hip-hop artist’s ambitious collaboration with a star-studded lineup featuring Jada Kiss, Craig G, Reks, Ruste Juxx, Antlive, K Solo, Prodigal Sunn, Canibus, Chino XL, Keith Murray, A-F-R-O, and Crooked I. Released in 2023, this posse cut serves as a homage to hip-hop legends, drawing parallels to the ’12 apostles’ of Jesus Christ.

In this musical tribute, Rhyme Assassin skillfully orchestrates a collaboration that spans the rap spectrum, with each featured artist bringing their unique flavor to the mix. The track, steeped in the essence of classic hip-hop, becomes a sonic journey as these seasoned wordsmiths deliver their verses with precision and flair.

While no major media reviews are readily available, Rhyme Assassin’s vision for ‘Rhyme Apostles’ shines through in interviews, where he articulates the intent of spreading the message of hip-hop through this collaborative effort. The absence of mainstream reviews doesn’t diminish the significance of this track, as the weight of the featured artists alone demands attention.

With its release date shrouded in mystery, ‘Rhyme Apostles’ stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of hip-hop and the reverence Rhyme Assassin and his collaborators hold for the genre’s legacy.

The track which is on YouTube gives a perspective and dimension to the auditory experience, offering fans a glimpse into the collective energy and camaraderie embedded in this homage to hip-hop’s revered past.

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