Remembering Garry ‘Asi zvichanaka chete’, a star burnt out too early

Remembering Garry ‘Asi zvichanaka chete’, a star burnt out too early

ZIMBABWE: Musician and singer Garry Mapanzure has tragically passed on. Mapanzure was involved in a fatal car accident while driving along the Masvingo and Beitbridge road. His sister is reported to have been driving the vehicle with other passengers, sadly reported dead as well.

Mapanzure was ferried to gain medical attention but failed to make it and declared dead, early morning, Friday the 13th of October. His family announced across social media platforms that he had passed on.

Garry Mapanzure was only 25 years old and was a welcome addition to the music scene with his moving R’n’B and soul renditions, and classified as an Afropop Zimbabwean star. The musician had just released his album ‘Novus’ in July and was working on promoting it.

His singles such as ‘Winner’ and ‘Pindirai’ which had found homes on radio stations across Zimbabwe and beyond, will forever live in our hearts and minds as his hallmark anthems.

His legacy extends to all of the fans he has touched across the world. Others who lost their lives in the tragic accident where Mapanzure’s nephew and Great Zimbabwe University student Langton Madima. Mapanzure leaves behind a one-year-old son.

Kudzai Mhangwa

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