Re-elected DA leader optimistic of a national coalition government.  

Re-elected DA leader optimistic of a national coalition government.  

As the Democratic Alliance’s Federal elective conference curtains came down and as South Africa’s General elections are one year near, South Africa’s main opposition party has re-elected Steenhuisen as the Head of the table beating his opponent Dr Mpo Phalatse. 

Meaning that Steenhuisen will be the face of South Africa’s biggest opposition party in South Africa’s upcoming 2024 national government elections.

FstNIXxXoAAJQs4-1024x768 Re-elected DA leader optimistic of a national coalition government.  

Polls have indicated that South Africa is heading to its first, national coalition government since it gained its majority rule in 1994. 

With this it might indicate that the Democratic Alliance might have a chance to remove their main rival ANC from power.

Steenhuisen returned as the Head of the DA table by over 80% of votes casted. 

Before his name was announced as the winner, the delegates had already started to call his name celebrating indicating that he had majority of votes. 

While Helen Zille a long-time politician, she was re-elected as federal council chaiperson unopposed. 

Her three deputies are: Thomas Walters, Annelie Lotriet and Ashor. 

In his speech as the new re-elected leader, Steenhuisen told DA delegates that their party’s main aim was to unite against ANC and EFF. 

He further promised the delegates that the party will form, the first national coalition government after the next elections. 

“South Africans now expect us to step up and become the leader of the alternative government. What they want, above all else is for the DA to unite all forces in this country and stand opposed to the ANC and EFF. What they want is for the DA to lead,” he said. 

He added, “…above all, we recognise that now is the time for the DA to become the alternative that will change our country”.

If DA forms a national coalition government and Steenhuisen selected as the leader, will become the first leader who is not from the ANC to ever become the Head Of State of South Africa since the dawn of the Republic of South Africa’s independence. 

ANC and EFF have been in coalition partnership in provincial and council governments across South Africa. 

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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