Re-birth of a queen, Sophie Ndaba Lichaba

Re-birth of a queen, Sophie Ndaba Lichaba

Sophie Ndaba come out recently to share her journey of numerous challenges she experienced over the past few years, that saw her fight depression induced by diabetes, and a bullish society. The stigma of her illness saw her leave social media for a while as she dealt with the realities of her own misfortunes and desire to fight for her life.

Sophie Lichaba, is a South African actress. She played Queen Moroka in the soap Generations. Born on July 15th, 1972, in Soweto, she has also played a role in movies such as She is King and Gog’ Hellen.

Sophie Ndaba and her parents moved to Zimbabwe in her childhood. They had close family there. “My mother was the daughter of a chief in Zimbabwe,” she says.

In her quest to heal, she has since launched a support group for women facing similar issues.

358131619_1946759679025105_6223699701613308041_n-1024x1024 Re-birth of a queen, Sophie Ndaba Lichaba

“She’s a Wonder ! #SAW, a safe healing movement for women who have seen it all. Through the pain shame and loss trauma, we at SAW are here to say you’re not alone! We are rising up higher than eagles , showing up and showing off. Whatever joy peace and love that was stolen is on notice. God is getting ready to move tgisw heavy mountains!” wrote Sophie on her Facebook page

She also went on to write the following on her instagram profile.

‘Let me put The Devil on Notice , and Reintroduce myself!’

‘Sometimes, just walk around obagopotse gore owamamg honey!’

‘Just prove to that one person who told you, ” Just look at you. No one will ever want you, you’re too ugly and dying: Batho ba Brave nje!!, Heee, he forgot WHOSE you are ! Job 33;25’

363798366_1945013599199713_1042906042799260884_n-1024x1024 Re-birth of a queen, Sophie Ndaba Lichaba

My name is #godsfavouritedaughter
My Name is KIngSophie👑👑👑

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