President Masisi supports local Botswana fashion brand

President Masisi supports local Botswana fashion brand

African leaders have been criticized for not supporting local fashion brands of their countries, as the majority of them have been accused for purchasing Italian, French and American fashion brands.

Botswana’s President Masisi has been painting different pictures from his counterparts as he has been one of the few of Africa’s Heads Of States who have been endorsing local enteprenuers of his country.

This past Saturday, during the Department of Broadcasting Services Roadshow and Boot-Camp Awards which were held in Gaborone Interview Convention Center,

Bokang Proctor a prominent Batswana multi-talented artist and businessman gifted President Masisi with a token of appreciation for recognising and supporting local creatives.

The gift was high end customized sneekers and President Masisi wore them at the podium and showed jubilation. The sneakers beared his name’s M.E.K Masisi and were in black and red color with some people on social media suggesting that those are his favorite colors as they are his party colors.

Many Batswana have been posting on their social media platforms their products of Collection by BK Proctor since President Masisi has been on trend in terms of supporting Collection by BK Proctor which speciliases in clothing apparel and footwear with strong urban youth appeal.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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