Pfeka, A Fashion Movement Beyond The Seas

Pfeka, A Fashion Movement Beyond The Seas
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Proudly Zimbabwean Designer and Engineer, Eglet M Nyabvure who is currently based in Netherlands, is telling a Zimbabwean story in a unique form, supporting the country’s fashion and sports industry by collaborating the two through her brand ‘Pfeka’.  The brand has been worn by a number of celebrities, sports personal among others.

As we are celebrating women’s month, My Afrika Magazine caught up with Eglet Nyabvure who takes us to the roots of her journey with the brand Pfeka. 

TR: Can you tell us about the origins of Pfeka and what are the major factors that influenced the origins?

EN: I wanted a sustainable  clothing line that would beautifully  bring African pride, meaning and stories inspired  by Africa in people . 

After living for a longtime now in Netherlands .I have integrated and adopted the Dutch Culture. 

I still hold Zimbabwean  Culture so dearly  and these two cultures have defined the brand Pfeka. 

Being a woman and minority  in the engineering  industry, the issue of identity was close to my heart, I always wanted to stand out  and make sure I stayed authentic. 

Pfeka was born in  2017.

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TR: Who is the clientele  of the brand?

EN: Anyone connected to Africa and has pride in telling and preserving the positive African story. And for the Zimbabwe specific collection, its for the, Zimbabwean who has realized that we need to write and tell our own story, it’s us who will restore dignity back to Zimbabwe, we are our own ambassadors.

TR: The main retail of your shop is in Netherlands but most of your customers  are from Africa particularly back home in Zimbabwe, how do they manage to place  order for the products?

EN: Our online shop is the best place to order, we deliver world wide. We have our country manager in Zim and for those in Zim or who are visiting home as an option.

TR: Where do you import your material from and who comes up with the design ideas?

EN: We design our fabrics in-house with patterns and prints telling the African story inspired by such as nature – wild animals, flora, heritage,  history, landmarks etc.

We then get that printed in Europe depending with the design and type of fabric selected. 

TR. Your brand is mainly supported in the sports sector for example in rugby and tennis by the Lock brothers, why was it important for your brand to work hand  in hand with the sports sector in the country?

EN: We chose sports as part of our target as sports brings people together. As Zimbabweans we are passionate about sport,  so to tell the Zimbabwean story in sport comes from the heart. 

We are also challenging  the use of African prints, for us the African prints are carried by anyone and  in sports you have kids, men, women wearing the story with pride . Pfeka brings identity and pride.

TR: What did it mean to you during the Davis cup which was played recently back home by Zim  team against Uruguay, that some of the spectators came at the tennis court wearing your brand’s product? 

EN: It was a heart warming moment, seeing the people Embracing our design and looking so good made us so proud. It gave us more energy and a thumbs up that we are doing an amazing job.

TR: Do you see yourself, in the future designing soccer jerseys  for our national team?

EN: Yes of-course,  without a doubt. Pfeka would like to be part of each and every team and club,  designing and customising their  apparel , helping bring our identity and pride through clothes.  If its a national team it’s even most befitting,  as they will tell and represent the beautiful story of Zimbabwe at a larger scale. 

We designed some fan jerseys as inspired by the warriors before so it will be an honour to officially dress them.

TR: Lastly, what advise  do you have to ladies who want to reach the same level you have reached?

EN: Do not wait to be given the seat at any table. Give yourself the seat, you are already there when that table is being built. Do not shy away from opportunities and be eager to even to create opportunities. You can do this!

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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