Patience Ozokwo honored at AMVCA

Patience Ozokwo honored at AMVCA

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo popularly known as Mama G or Mama Azuka is among legendary African actors who have entertained many not only in Africa but across the world.

Though the 9th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) is over, many top Nollywood actors and actresses flopped at the event and failed to win any award, even though they were nominated.

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During the AMVCA awards which are held annually in Nigeria. Patience Ozokwo was awarded on Saturday for her role in African cinema with a lifetime achievement merit. On her social media platform, she thanked all her fans, family and friends. She further appreciated all the hard work that is played by her colleague.

“When we started in the industry there was no social media and so many luxuries we enjoy now. Progress was completely dependent on your talent, humility, word of mouth, and trust.

I appreciate my colleagues who work tirelessly and oftentimes without recognition,” she said.

She further informed the public that one of her daughters has been working with her as her personal assistant.

“I appreciate my family who have always surrounded me with love and acceptance. At one point, my daughter became my PA and is still my Associate Manager to date,” said Patience Zokwo.

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